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Data Governance and Intelligent Platform

The data governance and intelligent platform takes data governance as the core, unifies data standards and specifications, visualizes data modeling, and realizes efficient data governance. Through one-stop development, end-to-end support for big data + AI data exploration, it helps enterprises quickly and efficiently improve data quality, reduce construction costs, eliminate data islands, accelerate data empowerment, and promote enterprise organization optimization and transformation.


Highlights&Business Value


1. Full stack intelligent service, providing the whole field intelligent platform service from data integration, data governance, data annotation, data set service to AI training and AI reasoning.
2. One stop development, drag and drop, zero coding, end-to-end visual data development and interface development. The development cycle can be shortened to hourly granularity.
3. Intelligent operation and maintenance management, full coverage of large and small-scale data scenarios, unified management and accurate utilization of resources, task driven on demand, flexible customization of various driving modes, full life cycle blood relationship monitoring and intelligent prediction and early warning, to help the platform operate efficiently.

Business Value
1. Unified data governance, standardized data management, dimensional modeling of data and business processes, unified hierarchical management of data, data asset management, visual tracking, help customers quickly eliminate data silos, efficient data governance, and promote the pace of data value exploration.
2. Big data AI enabling, one-stop development, whole process visual modeling, big data AI end-to-end process penetration, fully support customer data value exploration.
3. Accurate resource management and efficient use, flexible task scheduling and driving on demand, unified resource management, realize efficient use of system resources, and maximize customer return on investment.
4. All round security assurance, multi tenant isolation of computing and storage resources, a variety of desensitization encryption algorithms support fine-grained data security control, data protection policy hierarchical management effectively protect privacy data, and provide customers with all-round security assurance capabilities.


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