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Virtualization O&M Service

Virtualization network has been carried out among global operators. To handle the unknown and new requirement to virtualized network O&M, ZTE provides the virtualization network O&M service solution. This solution provides new services like design and orchestration service, and it also provides a unified solution for the decoupled VNF-layer O&M, cloud platform layer, and IT hardware layer, including fault management, performance management, security management, configuration management, and VNF life-cycle management.


Highlights&Business Value


1. Covers new services such as design, orchestration, VNF life-cycle management etc.
2. Cover new service objects such as 4G/5G VN NEs, virtualized cloud platform and computing, storage hardwares.
3.Provide new value-added services such as O&M transformation and service design.

Business Value
1. Assist operators to take over a new virtualized network O&M.
2. Assist operators to quickly manage virtualized network skill and knowledge.
3.Provide new virtualized network transformation suggestion and advice including 5G network transformation.


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