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Service O&M Service

ZTE Service Operation Managed Service(SOMS)is driven by four service objects: customer care service, market&sales, NOC (Network Operation Center), network planning&optimization. Based on ZTE's rich MS experience, powerful big data platform and application of advanced technology, it can provide customer experience management, service quality management, market operation support, automatic demarcation and location of problems, and enhancement of network planning&optimization capability.


Highlight & Business Value

1. Accurate service/experience evaluation system helps operator to master hot services and value customer experience trends in real time. With rich experience in service quality modeling(KQI). It can set up scientific monitoring models for various hot services (such as webpage browsing, online video, application download and instant messaging) to know the trend of service quality degradation in real time. With rich experience in customer experience modeling(CEI) , It can evaluate and deal with valuable customer experience problems in real time.
2. Automatic demarcation and location capability improves the problem solving efficiency. Automatically raises alarms for service quality problems, demarcates and allocates tickets, and forms a closed-loop intelligent problem handling process. The big data analysis platform is associated with the wireless and core network. It supports multidimensional extraction and analysis of the user layer, service layer and network layer, and directly reaches the root cause NE.
3. Enhanced customer care service capability improves customer satisfaction. Friendly customer information query UI, which provides key data such as CDR data, experience trend graph, and root cause analysis for complaining customer. Based on customer complaints and customer information, the customer care service person can rapidly determine and reply to customer problems to appease customer and improve customer  satisfaction.

Business Value
1. Automatically raising alarms , automatic demarcating and assigning tickets, an intelligent closed-loop problem processing flow for service quality problems is formed, so that the average service quality problem locating time is shortened from three hours to 20 seconds.
2. Enhance customer care service capability, the customer complaint solving efficiency of the first call-in customer care service can be Increased by 20PP. 
3.Enhance network planning and optimization capabilities  to help operator reduce O&M costs and improve network optimization efficiency.


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