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NFV System Integration

ZTE NFV system integration solution selects various technologies and products with communication industry's complete and E2E products lines and integration solution according to the customer's problems and challenges in network virtualization establishment. By taking the lead in coordination and integration of sub-systems of vendors, and integrating them as a complete, reliable and effective virtual network, it enables coordination of them so as to produce overall benefit and realize optimal performance.




Digital Integration Center

Based on ZTE virtualization integration center, digital means are introduced to the resource layer, capability layer, and service layer to achieve the integration of business processes and the rapid flow of business content. Ultimately, it helps customers improve integration efficiency, reduce integration costs, and ensure the quality of network integration during the NFV network construction process.

E2E planning and design

Provide complete end-to-end integration capabilities for integrated environment deployment, service configuration, and testing, including intelligent design, efficient deployment, batch data configuration, and automated testing for software and hardware platform integration, integrative environment integration, and APP/VNF integration.

Customized Pre-integration Verification

ZTE has diversified and shared Openlabs, which have 1000+ servers, 600+ switches, mainstream hardware, and mainstream cloud platforms. Based on Openlab, ZTE can provide the deployment environment for pre-integration, and perform IOT tests with mainstream manufacturers. Meanwhile, ZTE is configured with DMZ isolation area to support the partner external network access to the Openlab for?integrated debugging. Thus reducing commercial risks and achieving perfect delivery.

Open Ecosystem

Based on NFV layered architecture and Openlab, ZTE establishes an NFV commercial ecosystem together with main-stream technology partners on each layer, and performs technology innovation cooperation and joint planning & verification of the product integration solution with the principle of open sources, to satisfy commercialization requirements.

Abundant Integration Experience

ZTE has been dedicated to the communications industry for over 30 years, provides innovative technologies and product solutions for telecom operators and enterprise network customers in 160 countries and regions around the world. ZTE supports full series of NFV network products design, has full CT/IT service scenario design capability and 1000 + integration scenarios of design experiences. ZTE has professional integration experts and project management team, and numerous experience in mature commercial/PoC integrated delivery.


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