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Product Overview
ZXONE 9700
The ZXONE 9700 equipment is ultra-large cross-connect capacity OTN product oriented to 100G and beyond 100G transmission.It supports 10G/100G/200G/400G/600G /800G transmission rates and unified cross-connection of ODUk/Packet/VC/OSU. It has an electrical layer switching capacity of up to 64T, and supports wavelength-level opitcal layer cross-connect scheduling and packet switching. Deployed at the backbone core layer and local/metro networks, the eqiupment can completely meet operators’ requirements for transparent transmission, flexible scheduling, efficient aggregation and management & monitoring of large-granularity data services.


Ultra-large capacity

●  Industry's first commercial OTN platform with a single-subrack capacity of 64T


Super transmission

●  Supports 1T backplane bandwidth per slot and provides sufficient bandwidth resources


Integrated transport

●  Unified ODUk/PKT/VC/OSU cross-connect platform, providing high-quality interconnection


All-optical interconnection

●  The optical backplane-based OXC supports 20/32 degrees and the architecture can be upgraded to 40+ degrees


Green O&M

●  Energy saving, efficient heat dissipation


Specification Parameter
Dimensions (H * W * D) mm Electrical cross-connect subracks:
ZXONE 9700 S1:530.6*533*286.8
ZXONE 9700 S2:1108.4*533*286.8
ZXONE 9700 S3:1822*533*314.6
ZXONE 9700 S6:1822*533*639
ZXONE 9700 G2K:886.2*533*290
ZXONE 9700 G2K-E:755.6*533*290
ZXONE 9700 S3K:1972*533*295
ZXONE 9700 S3K-E:1972*533*294.8
ZXONE 9700 S3K(G):2200*600*600
ZXONE 9700 S6K:2200*600*600

Transmission subracks:
ZXONE 9700 NX41/DX41(21 inches):447*535*275
ZXONE 9700 NX41/DX41(19 inches):447*482.6*275
ZXONE 9700 NXG1:347*443*295
ZXONE 9700 NXG0:176.3*442*255.8

Optical cross-connect subrack:
ZXONE 9700 OX42:1400*533*310.4
Interface Type Client-side:STM-1/STM-4/STM-16/STM-64, FE/GE/10GE/100GE/200GE/400GE,FC100/FC200/FC400/FC800/FC1200/FC1600/FC3200, OTU1/OTU2/OTU2e/OTU4, etc.

Power supply mode DC: -48V
AC: 110V/220V
HVDC: 240V
Operating temperature NXG1 sub-rack:-5℃~+45℃
NXG0 sub-rack:-5℃~+50℃
Other sub-racks except NXG1/NXG0:0℃~+45℃
Operating humidity 5%~85%