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Product Overview


As a compact OTN product developed by ZTE, the ZXMP M721 is applied to the aggregation/access layer of the MAN and features small size, large capacity, low power consumption and high reliability. The product integrates multiple transmission technologies, like OTN, WDM, TDM and IPRAN/PTN, to achieve large-capacity unified cross connection of ODUk/PKT/VC/OSU, and uniformly transport a variety of services in different application scenarios in aggregation/access-layer networks of operators and enterprise customers. It has several models: DX63(E), CX61A(E), CX63A/CX63A(E), CX66A/CX66A(E), which can be deployed flexibly as needed to effectively save the equipment room footprint, reduce the power consumption and address the demand for environmental protection.

Ultra-broadband transmission

●   Support the 80×10G/100G/200G DWDM system and guarantee sufficient bandwidth resources


Ultra-large capacity

●   A single subrack has the cross-connect capacity of up to 2.8T, and a single slot has the backplane bandwidth of at most 200G, which take the lead in the industry


All-round transport

●   The ODUk/PKT/VC/OSU unified cross-connect platform supports fixed-line, wireless and private line services at the same time, simplifies user equipment types and network layers, and can access 2M~100G services, from E1, STM-N, Ethernet to FC and OTU


Flexible scheduling

●   The product is able to groom 2~9-degree optical layer services. It can be configured with ROADM functions such as colored/colorless, directional/directionless and Flex grid, and offer differentiated solutions to customer needs


Convenient O&M

●   Support various O&M modes including OTDR, APO and optical performance monitoring


Perfect clock/time function

●   Support clock synchronization and 1588V2 time synchronization in full compliance with the clock precision requirements of 4G/5G mobile communication technology


Specification Parameter
Dimensions (H * W * D) mm CX61A(E): 54*446*240
CX63A/CX63A(E)/DX63(E): 130*442*240
CX66A/CX66A(E): 264*442*240
Interface Type E1, STM-1/STM-4/STM-16/STM-64, FE/GE/10GE/50GE/100GE, FC100/FC200/FC400/FC800/FC1200/FC1600/FC3200, OTU1/OTU2/OTU2e/OTU4/OTUC2, etc.
Power supply mode DC: -48V
AC: 110V/220V
HVDC: 240V
Operating temperature CX61A(E): -30~65℃
DX63(E), CX63A/CX63A(E), CX66A/CX66A(E): -5~50℃
Operating humidity 5%~85%