Product Overview

ZXBigDNA Big Data Network Analysis System

The BigDNA is a big data transport network analysis system developed by ZTE. It provides real-time intelligent analysis of mass network data based on cloud-based big data, distributed database and AI technologies.

Traffic Visualization of the entire network, facilitating rapid operation and maintenance

  • Visualization of network traffic
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of hotspot resources
  • Traffic map enables users to focus on key areas to improve the efficiency of daily O&M


Guarantee for key areas, meeting the requirements of customers in emergency scenarios

  • ​Second-level scenario monitoring greatly improves the accuracy of O&M
  • Ranking of hotspots helps the users to rapidly focus on related network resources


Service statistics, analysis and prediction, providing data support for customer operation

  • Providing traffic monitoring and analysis of key services such as group customers
  • Providing traffic prediction and analysis of key areas and services based on the traffic map


Providing TOPN analysis of the whole network traffic based on Netflow

  • Providing Netflow traffic statistics of interfaces, equipment and the whole network


IOAM–Based Quality Assurance and Traffic Assurance (SPN Scenario)

  • Scenario-based quality monitoring: Abnormal base station/dedicated line TOPN monitoring and drilling-down viewing
  • Scenario-based rate monitoring: Supports TOPN ranking by port rate, and rapidly focuses on hot base stations and dedicated line resources


Specification Parameter
Software Platform x86(Linux 64bit)
VMware 6.5 and above,TECS(openstack)
Operating system CGSL Linux v6 and above
Database Postgre