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The ZENIC ONE R22 is the SDN-oriented integrated management and control system of ZTE. It is the major SDN controller system for future SDN/NFV networks and presents with friendly GUI. It integrates network management, control, collection and analysis components through microservice and has powerful intelligent network operation and maintenance capabilities. The ZENIC ONE R22 is located at the management and control layer of the 5G network, and provides topology management, resource analysis, network monitoring, service diagnosis and deployment, and system management for IP/ IPRAN networks, OTNs, and IP+optical networks. The ZENIC ONE R22 provides automatic unified management and control of single-domain, multi-domain, and inter-layer services. The ZENIC ONE R22 is connected with third-party orchestrator platforms and OSS platforms to provide orchestration and automatic management of different providers' services. It uses open interfaces and supports fast development of customer applications.


Cloud-native management and control integration

●   Micro-service architecture, container encapsulation, unified platform management and control of OTN, IP/IPRAN, SPN/PTN and SDH networks, supporting deployment on single physical host/cluster or universal virtual server 


Ultra-large-scale management capability

●   Management of 300,000 equivalent NEs, meeting the networking requirements of 5G transport networks, world's highest management capability of a single system in the existing network


Intent-based SDN intelligent OAM

●   Network planning simulation, quick tunnel creation, fast service provisioning, intelligent traffic Optimization and intelligent RCA to implement full life-cycle closed-loop network OAM


Full-scenario 5G slicing system

●   Supporting multiple slicing modes to adapt to different network automation scenarios and provide slicing-related services

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Specification Parameter
Software Platform x86(Linux 64bit)
VMware 6.5 and above,TECS(openstack)
Operating system CGSL Linux v6 and above
Database Postgre