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ZXR10 9900

The ZXR10 9900/9900-S Series switches are ZTE’s large-capacity, high-performance, high-reliability core switches oriented to data centers. They provide ultra-large switching capacity, high-density 10GE/40GE/100GE interfaces, carrier-class reliability and superior scalability. They support extensive data center service features such as MC-LAG, VXLAN (Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network), SDN (Software Defined Network) and Front-to-back airflow. They can work with the ZXR10 5960-H Series switches to build elastic, virtualized, high-quality switching networks that meet the requirements of cloud-computing data centers.


High scalability meets 10-year bandwidth requirements

●   Providing 198T super capacity

●   High density 100GE line card, supporting smooth evolution to 400GE


Comprehensive virtualization, providing ICT utilization

●   EVPN+VxLAN network virtualization

●   MC-LAG cross device link aggregation


Automatic visualization to improve OAM efficiency

●   Intelligent deployment based on SDN network

●   Netflow high-precision flow collection and analysis

●   Telemetry network real-time monitoring


High reliability helps build carrier-class data centers

●   Redundant backup of key components

●   Three planes of control, data and monitoring are physically independent

●   Independent cooling air duct of line card and exchange board

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Specification Parameter
Dimensions (H * W * D) mm ZXR10 9904:619.5 *445*819
ZXR10 9908:930.6 *445*819
ZXR10 9916:1419.6*445*819
ZXR10 9904-S:352.8*445*681
ZXR10 9908-S:708.4*445*681
Interface Type 10GE,40GE,100GE
Power supply mode ZXR10 9904,ZXR10 9908,ZXR10 9916:DC:-48V;AC:100~240V;HVDC:192V~400V

ZXR10 9904-S,ZXR10 9908-S:DC:-48V/-60V;AC:100~240V;HVDC:192V~400V
Operating temperature -5℃~+45℃
Operating humidity 5%~95% (Non condensing)