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ZXR10 5960

The ZXR10 5960 Series is the next-generation carrier-grade data center TOR (Top of Rack) switch with ultra-big switching capacity and low latency. It provides high density 10GE/25GE/ 40GE/100GE interfaces, carrier-class reliability and superior scalability. It supports extensive data center service features such as MC-LAG /VXLAN (Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network)/ SDN (Software Defined Network)/ Front-to-back airflow. It can work with the ZXR10 9900/9900-S Series switches to build elastic, virtualized, high-quality switching network that meets the requirements of cloud-computing data centers.


Step into SDN Era

●  Support EVPN VXLAN protocol and the large L2 network

●  Fast deployment and easy management with SDN Controller


Highly Reliable MC-LAG Technology

●  Support link aggregation across devices and provides the device level reliability

●  Independent of the control plane and the management plane provides higher reliability

●  Can be upgraded separately without interrupting the current network service


Carrier-Grade Reliability and Multidimensional Security

●  Support dual redundant modular fans and dual modular power supplies

●  Support link aggregation, ECMP, VRRPE and other networking schemes to achieve load sharing and active/standby protection


Green Energy Saving

●  The strict design of front and rear air ducts perfectly matches the heat dissipation system of the machine room

●  Support intelligent speed regulation of fan, energy saving and consumption reduction

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Specification Parameter
Dimensions (H * W * D) mm ZXR10 5960-52TM:43.6*442*440
ZXR10 5960-32DL:43.6*442*440
ZXR10 5960-64DL:43.6*442*440
ZXR10 5960-4M-HC:88.1*444*600
ZXR10 5960-32LC-H:43.6*442*440
ZXR10 5960-64DL-H:43.6*442*440
ZXR10 5960-72DL-H:43.6*442*440
ZXR10 5960-72NL-H:43.6*442*440
ZXR10 5960-56QU-HC:43.6*442*440
Interface Type ZXR10 5960-52TM:GE,10GE
ZXR10 5960-32DL:10GE,40GE
ZXR10 5960-64DL:10GE,40GE
ZXR10 5960-4M-HC:10GE,25GE,40GE,100GE
ZXR10 5960-32LC-H:10GE,40GE
ZXR10 5960-64DL-H:10GE,40GE
ZXR10 5960-72DL-H:10GE,40GE
ZXR10 5960-72NL-H:10GE,40GE
ZXR10 5960-56QU-HC:25GE,100GE
Power supply mode ZXR10 5960-52TM/ZXR10 5960-32DL, ZXR10 5960-64DL, ZXR10 5960-32LC-H, ZXR10 5960-64DL-H, ZXR10 5960-72DL-H, ZXR10 5960-72NL-H, ZXR10 5960-56QU-HC:DC:-48V;AC:110V/220V;HVDC:240V

ZXR10 5960-4M-HC:DC:-48V;AC:110V/220V;HVDC:240V/336V
Operating temperature ZXR10 5960-52TM:-5~45℃
ZXR10 5960-32DL:-5~45℃
ZXR10 5960-64DL:-5~45℃
ZXR10 5960-4M-HC:-5~40℃
ZXR10 5960-32LC-H:-5~45℃
ZXR10 5960-64DL-H:-5~45℃
ZXR10 5960-72DL-H:-5~45℃
ZXR10 5960-72NL-H:-5~45℃
ZXR10 5960-56QU-HC:-5~40℃
Operating humidity 10%~90%