Product Overview

ZXR10 T8000

ZTE's ZXR10 T8000 focuses on Internet core nodes, backbone aggregation nodes, large-scale MAN core egress nodes and DC-GW. It is committed to building flat networks, enabling full-service unified transport and offering future-oriented network seamless evolution to help customers build a new ultra-broadband, high-efficiency and secure IP backbone network. The T8000 system can be used as the standalone system, cluster LCC (Line Card Chassis) and cluster center CFC (Central Fabric Chassis). It supports smooth conversion among single system and multi-chassis cluster systems to meet the requirements of network service development and adjustment.


Advanced architecture, large capacity expansion
●   Built on a T-level platform, it adopts a three-level CLOS non-blocking switching architecture, provides ultra-high-speed low-latency non-blocking forwarding, realizes the interconnection of multi-chassis to form a large-capacity multi-chassis system, and linearly increases the system capacity, meeting the high-speed growth of network bandwidth.

Comprehensive reliability to build a high-quality network
●   Adopt a high-reliability system architecture that separates data, control, and monitoring planes, support redundant backup of key components such as main control, switching fabric, power supply and fans, employ the self-developed ROSng distributed network operating system with multi-process, virtualization, componentization and service, and allow NSR/NSF, FRR, VRRP, BFD and other reliability functions.

Build a 5G intelligent backbone network
●   It fully supports mainstream SDN standard protocols such as SRv6, BIER6, EVPN, BGP-LS, BGP Flowspec, and NETCONF, intelligently optimizes backbone network services, simplifies service provisioning and O&M, and builds a new intelligent interconnection backbone network in the 5G era.

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Specification Parameter
Dimensions (H * W * D) mm Single Chassis:1819.6*442*634
2+2 Cluster:1819.6*(442*4)*634
2+4 Cluster:1819.6*(442*6)*634
Interface Type 400GE, 100GE, 10GE, GE
Power supply mode DC:-48V/-60V
Operating temperature -5~45℃
Operating humidity 5%~90%