Product Overview

ZXCTN 6000

The ZXCTN 6000 series products are targeted at the access layer of transport network, it integrates a series of innovative technologies such as FlexE/SDN/SR/Network Slicing and high-precision clock to meet the requirements for efficient transport of networks in 5G scenarios such as eMBB, uRLLC and mMTC. It helps operators and enterprise customers to embrace the arrival of 5G in a brand-new way.

High-Performance Access Platform Facilitates Long-Term Network Development
    ●  Provides 25GE/10GE/GE/FE/E1 and other service interfaces to flexibly access various services and meet service evolution requirements.

    ●  Supports 10G/50G/100G/400G flexible bandwidth networking, and supports FlexE to aggregate larger link bandwidth to meet future super-large bandwidth requirements.

Convenient commissioning and easy O&M
    ●  Plug and play, rapid service provisioning, suitable for various installation environments.
    ●  Real-time network information collection, fast and accurate fault location, and intelligent network management and control.

Network slicing and service isolation
    ●  The FlexE technology is introduced to the forwarding plane to flexibly allocate bandwidth and isolate services.
    ●  Resources corresponding to different types of services are allocated to improve network utilization and meet differentiated service requirements.


Specification Parameter
Dimensions (H * W * D) mm ZXCTN 6120H-A:43.6*442*220
ZXCTN 6120H-B:43.6*442*220
ZXCTN 6120H-BL:43.6*442*220
ZXCTN 6120H-C:43.6*442*270
ZXCTN 6120H-S:43.6*442*270
ZXCTN 6120H-SC:43.6*442*270
ZXCTN 6170H:130.5*442*199
ZXCTN 6180H:142*442*199
ZXCTN 6180H-A:130.5*442*199
ZXCTN 6190H:220*442*199
Interface Type ZXCTN 6120H-A:10GE/GE
ZXCTN 6120H-C:100GE/50GE/25GE/ 10GE/GE/FE
ZXCTN 6120H-S:100GE/50GE/25GE/ 10GE/GE/FE
ZXCTN 6170H:100GE/50GE/25GE/ 10GE/GE/FE/STM-1/E1
ZXCTN 6180H:100GE/50GE/25GE/ 10GE/GE/FE/STM-1/E1
ZXCTN 6180H-A:100GE/50GE/25GE/ 10GE/GE/FE/STM-1/E1
ZXCTN 6190H:100GE/50GE/25GE/ 10GE/GE/FE/STM-1/E1
Power supply mode ZXCTN 6120H-A:DC:-48V
ZXCTN 6120H-B:DC:-48V; AC:110V/220V
ZXCTN 6120H-BL:DC:-48V; AC:110V/220V
ZXCTN 6120H-C:DC:-48V
ZXCTN 6120H-S:DC:-48V
ZXCTN 6120H-SC:DC:-48V
ZXCTN 6170H:DC:-48V
ZXCTN 6180H:DC:-48V
ZXCTN 6180H-A:DC:-48V
ZXCTN 6190H:DC:-48V
Operating temperature ZXCTN 6120H-A:-40℃~+65℃
ZXCTN 6120H-B:-40℃~+65℃
ZXCTN 6120H-BL:-40℃~+65℃
ZXCTN 6120H-C:-40℃~+65℃
ZXCTN 6120H-S:-40℃~+65℃
ZXCTN 6120H-SC:-40℃~+65℃
ZXCTN 6170H:-40℃~+65℃
ZXCTN 6180H:-40℃~+65℃
ZXCTN 6180H-A:-40℃~+65℃
ZXCTN 6190H:-20℃~+60℃
Operating humidity 5%~95%

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