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Product Overview
Cloud Platform Integration Service
As the NFV layered decoupling technology is more and more mature, the operators need to introduce the neutron cloud platform integrator to provide abundant, leading and layered decoupling integration solutions, with multi-vendor components integration, making good use of virtualization technologies to realize highly efficient network establishment, flexible access to services and to decrease Capex. ZTE helps the customers build multi-vendor integration capabilities. ZTE can provide design, deployment, test and verification during the integration of multi-layer hardware & software such as hardware, Hypervisor, VIM, SDN, VNF and MANO, which are based on the mainstream cloud platform, and ZTE can also provide services for high system running efficiency.

[Products Highlights]

1. Abundant service scenarios.
It covers many technologies such as hardware, cloud platform, storage, MANO, SDN and VNF. Based on professional comprehension of telecom networks, ZTE can provide abundant multi-service scenario integration plans.

2. Auto integration capabilities
ZTE has E2E integration capabilities of its own products, which can support auto-integration configuration, deployment, test and acceptance of mainstream multi-vendor hardware devices and software systems, so to realize fast project delivery and to guarantee the integration quality.