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ZXUN CSCF Call Session Control Function
ZTE's Call Session Control Function product - ZXUN CSCF, based on an architecture where access, control, and service are separated, implements unified control for fixed and mobile users and provides basic communication services and enriched multimedia services for these users. ZXUN CSCF, as the core control node in the IMS network, handles SIP signaling messages and provides user access control, network authentication, session control, service triggering, and QoS control functions. Meanwhile, due to its highly reliable architecture and flexible deployment, ZXUN CSCF is widely used in VoNR, VoLTE, VoWiFi, RCS, and Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) networks to provide powerful and comprehensive control function.

1. Main Functions

ZTE CSCF, located at the IMS control layer, handles SIP signalings within the IMS network.

IMS core node: ZTE CSCF provides network access control, network authentication, session control, service triggering, and QoS control functions.

High integration: ZXUN CSCF supports multiple logic functional entities, including I-CSCF, S-CSCF, BGCF, EATF, and E-CSCF functions, which can be combined as any group. Integrate these logic functions in the same physical equipment entity, or deploy some entity independently.

Access and interoperability capability: ZXUN CSCF supports various access modes, including fixed network access, and 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile network access.

ZXUN CSCF supports interworking between IMS networks and between IMS and PSTN/PLMN.

Enriched virtualization features: ZXUN CSCF supports automatic deployment, elasticity, failure self-heal, etc.

2. Product Highlights

High integration: multiple logic functional entities, integration deployment or separation deployment for multiple logic functions.

Powerful access and interoperability: supports fixed UEs and 2G/3G/4G/5G UEs, interworking with various networks.

Easy O&M: one-click deployment, automatic O&M, and elastic scaling.

3. Customer Benefits

Reduces TCO: low cost COTS server, automatic deployment & scalability, easy O&M, saving TCO. Increases revenue: flexible network architecture, network capability exposure, fasten service innovation, increasing customer revenue. Open ecosystem: complete decoupling of software and hardware, standard and open interfaces, fully compatible with third-party COTS hardware and cloud platforms.

4. ZTE vIMS Solution Passed VMware Certification

ZTE vIMS solution uses the NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) technology with VMware's NFV Infrastructure (vSphere, NSX, vSAN, vCloud Director).

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