ZTE wins Glotel "Advancing Artificial Intelligence" award with RAN Composer

Release Time:2023-12-06
  • The award demonstrates high recognition of ZTE's innovation in exploring and implementing AI, particularly native AI
  • ZTE's RAN Composer enables a revolutionary transformation in network resource management with native AI, precisely aligning network resources, service requirements, and terminal capabilities to actualize a user-centric strategy, delivering superior user experience, heightened energy efficiency, and streamlined Operations and Maintenance (O&M) efficiency


ZTE wins Glotel ”Advancing Artificial Intelligence” award


Shenzhen, China, 6 December 2023 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions has recently been honored with the "Advancing artificial intelligence" award at the 11th Global Telecom Awards ceremony. This prestigious accolade recognizes ZTE's groundbreaking RAN Composer, the industry's first RAN intelligence solution based on native AI. The award underscores ZTE's commitment to innovation in the exploration and application of AI, particularly native AI, showcasing its significant contribution to the integration of communication and AI, as well as the advancement of 5G technology.


With the evolution of 5G, the challenges extend beyond merely handling massive connections. 5G now grapples with the diverse Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements of various applications, expanding its application scenarios from terrestrial space to the sky. The integration of AI into 5G networks has emerged as an inevitable trend. Nevertheless, the pivotal concern for operators revolves around efficiently realizing the integration of AI and 5G to enhance user experience and optimize network efficiency.


ZTE's RAN Composer pioneers the integration of native AI directly within the 5G base station, extending artificial intelligence from the network management system to the base stations and leveraging the full potential of the network infrastructure. Positioned as the network element closest to users, native AI achieves unparalleled efficiency, economical transmission, and superior energy efficiency. The revolutionary RAN Composer transforms network resources management, precisely aligning network resources, service requirements, and terminal capabilities. This realization of a user-centric strategy ensures heightened user experience, superior energy efficiency and streamlined Operations and Maintenance (O&M) efficiency. In specific application scenarios, such as V2X, the built-in intelligent computing board facilitates the seamless integration of communication and computing, enabling a spectrum of differentiated intelligent applications with heterogeneous computing power.


In the realm of AI large models, ZTE harnesses a wealth of accumulated knowledge from years in the telecom industry. Leveraging its extensive corpora, knowledge graphs, and private domain information, as well as the LangChain framework, ZTE is at the forefront of advancing the development of large models in the telecommunications foundation. The RAN Composer emerges as a pivotal tool, enabling operators to experience a transformative leap in capability and efficiency across network planning, construction, maintenance, and operation. This extends to intelligent marketing and customer service, where the synergy between large models and traditional AI models facilitates enhanced interactions and performance.


Built upon native AI, ZTE's RAN Composer has enabled the integration of numerous intelligent applications. These include user experience assurance through user orchestration, enhanced network efficiency via network orchestration, dual-layer intelligence-driven energy conservation, and end-to-end smart O&M. ZTE's RAN Composer has been commercially deployed in over 30 networks, with 1.5 million sites worldwide. Future oriented, ZTE's RAN Composer is poised to offer operators AI as a Service (AIaaS). This enables operators to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate AI capabilities into their own systems through open-APIs and low-code development, facilitating flexible and on-demand elasticity of functions and resources.


Moving forward, ZTE is committed to collaborating with industry partners to provide reliable networks for the realization of a 5G-enabled digital society. The goal is to seamlessly integrate digital technology with the real economy, laying a solid foundation for the advancement of digital life, the digital industry and the digital economy.



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