ZTE hosts Analyst Conference 2023 in Thailand, paving the way for digital economy advancements

Release Time:2023-11-17
  • ZTE hosted the Global Analyst Conference in Bangkok, uniting industry experts and media representatives
  • Wang Xiang, ZTE's Chief Strategy Officer, delivered a keynote on "Steady Growth and Win-Win Collaboration"
  • ZTE showcased advancements in 5G, cloud-network evolution, and computing infrastructure at the forefront of the digital era


ZTE hosted Analyst Conference 2023 in Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand, 17 November 2023 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, has hosted its Global Analyst Conference in Bangkok under the theme "To Enable Connectivity and Trust Everywhere." Gathering over 100 industry analysts, financial experts, and media representatives from across the globe, the conference delved into emerging trends in the ICT industry, explored innovative technologies, and charted the course for industrial digitization.


At the ZTE Analyst Conference, Wang Xiang, Chief Strategy Officer at ZTE, delivered a keynote speech titled "Steady Growth and Win-Win Collaboration for a Better Future." According to Wang Xiang, this era represents a confluence of challenges and opportunities. The uncertainty in the global macroeconomic environment poses challenges to the ICT industry; however, amidst this, the deterministic trends of digitization and intelligence unveil new prospects for digital infrastructure development.


Over the past few years, ZTE has steadfastly embraced its role as a "Driver of Digital Economy." This commitment has manifested in a strategy characterized by the overlapping of multiple product cycles, akin to a double-curve trajectory, resulting in substantial and high-quality growth. Wang Xiang emphasized that cycles may vary in length, potentially arriving later but consistently remaining present. Similarly, the amplitudes may fluctuate, possibly exceeding boundaries but never deviating from the overarching trend.


Wang Xiang stated that looking forward, ZTE is poised to maintain strategic stability and enhance operational resilience. The company will anchor its focus on "Connectivity + Computing" in the latter part of this cycle, persisting in parallel dual curves. Moreover, ZTE is committed to open collaboration with industry partners, fostering mutual benefit. With a dedicated focus on smart innovation, ZTE aims to navigate through the cycles, collectively shaping a sustainable and prosperous future.


Wang Xiang, Chief Strategy Officer at ZTE, delivered a keynote speech titled “Steady Growth and Win-Win Collaboration for a Better Future”


Expanding Network Boundaries, Building Ubiquitous Connectivity


The rapid development of 5G technology has gradually ushered in a new era of intelligent connectivity. As a global leader in 5G, ZTE remains committed to technological innovation, continually advancing 5G network construction, expanding application and scenario boundaries, promoting the Internet of Everything, and building ubiquitous network connections.


During the keynote session, Tang Xue, Deputy General Manager of RAN Products at ZTE, delivered a speech on advancing RAN evolution through 5G-Advanced innovative technologies. Tang Xue emphasized ZTE's creation of the 5G-A evolution framework based on the "3E" concept: Enhancement, Efficiency, and Extension. This framework aims to unleash the potential and capabilities of 5G networks, bringing about new changes for operators, society, and daily life.


With the progress of digital new infrastructure, cloud and network are considered crucial foundations. Yang Rui, Technical Director of Cloud & Core Network at ZTE, shared insights and strategic planning on ZTE's direction in cloud-network evolution. She mentioned ZTE's design philosophy for a cloudified core network, pursuing extremes on both ends of the balance, such as bare metal container cloud-native vs. ultra-high performance, high reliability vs. intelligence, high security vs. enabling B2B capabiliies for new market. The goal is to provide a trustworthy network for partners oriented towards 5G and even the next generation.


Song Shijie, General Manager of Fixed & Multimedia Product Overseas Market at ZTE, delivered a keynote speech on the evolution of the all-optical network. He pointed out that ZTE is creating an FTTx network that is all-optical, smoothly evolving, and sustainably developing. The focus is on building a brand-new intelligent home, enabling every corner of the home to enjoy gigabit-level connectivity, and concentrating on constructing a completely new digital and intelligent household in the field of home video.


Regarding the new challenges and development trends of future transport networks, Zhang Zhenchao, General Manager of Global Marketing of Transport Networks at ZTE, stated that the in-depth development of AIGC and 5G services is driving continuous service and network transformation. ZTE OTN+IP all-scenario transport network as a solid foundation will help operators build ultra-broadband, agile and intelligent infrastructure in the new era to establish a robust digital economy.


Empowering the Digital Era, Building a Green and Efficient Computing Power Engine


Currently, the importance of the digital economy in driving economic growth is becoming increasingly apparent, with computing power playing a crucial role. In recent years, data centers, as the fundamental infrastructure for computing power, have demonstrated strong development momentum. Simultaneously, the energy consumption and the progress of green and low-carbon development in the data center industry have drawn societal attention.


Chu Yanli, Deputy General Manager of Digital Energy International Market at ZTE, discussed during the keynote session that ZTE possesses end-to-end, full-lifecycle data center infrastructure service capabilities. With core goals of being green, intelligent, fast, and reliable, ZTE is building a computing power foundation to facilitate customers' digital transformation.


The demand for computing power infrastructure, including servers and storage products, continues to grow. As a global mainstream server supplier, ZTE's server products have been operating on a large scale in the markets of leading customers in industries such as telecommunications, the internet, finance, and energy. Liu Zhenhai, Marketing Director, Cloud & Core Network at ZTE, highlighted in his keynote speech that ZTE's server products boast advantages such as high performance, high reliability, easy scalability, and easy management, delivering outstanding performance in areas like cloud computing, big data, and NFV. Looking ahead, ZTE is poised to seize new opportunities in the era of computing power, contributing to the global digital economic development. 


Powering Industrial Upgrades, Steering Digital Applications


Based on the Industrial Site Network + Digital Nebula 2.0 architecture, ZTE has collaborated with over a thousand partners in industries such as manufacturing, metallurgy, transportation, mining, and digital cities. Through large-scale applications in scenarios like industrial park construction and fully connected factories, ZTE is contributing to the upgrade of industrial value chains.


Bai Gang, Deputy General Manager of RAN Products at ZTE, mentioned in his keynote speech that ZTE's 5G industrial field network possesses four key capabilities: deterministic assurance, integration of computing & networking, 5G-based industrial gateway, and simplified O&M. These capabilities support 5G's entry into critical production domains, facilitating production transformation and industry upgrades.


Stanley Chen, Director of Oversea Markets / Industrial Digitalization Solution Dept at ZTE, stated that the powerful digital capabilities of ZTE's DigitalNebula platform have been successfully validated in various industries. The platform provides a scalable, modular, and service-oriented design. Leveraging its leading platform technology and solutions, ZTE collaborates with operators to expand new opportunities for enterprise users, and embark on a new journey of digitalization.


In the roundtable discussion, Julian Gorman, Head of Asia Pacific, GSMA, Hans Neff, Senior Director of CTO Group at ZTE, executives and experts from worldwide telecom operators engaged in conversations moderated by Jason Tu, Technical Spokesperson at ZTE on addressing industry challenges, achieving commercial balance with 5G technology, and exploring new business models for telecom operators in the digital economy.


Additionally, ZTE has released 5G-based Industrial Field Network Whitepaper at the 2023 Analyst Conference, marking its first launch of an industry production site empowered by 5G for overseas markets. This whitepaper aims to provide a full range of capabilities for scenarios in the production and manufacturing fields in response to the strong demands for low latency, low jitter, and high reliability. The whitepaper is designed to address the rapid iteration and changes that occur in commodity production by providing a series of solutions for network and computing integration, service guarantee, and all-round “self-serving” capabilities, to help promote the deepening of 5G applications in industrial field networks and empower the intelligent transformation of production domains.


As the wave of digitization surges, ZTE, positioned as a "Driver of Digital Economy," strategically anchors its approach on the "Connectivity + Computing" paradigm. Seizing the opportunities of the era, ZTE leverages innovative technological breakthroughs as the foundation to empower the digitalization of industries. The company collaborates with global analysts, media, and partners to collectively chart the course for the new developments in the digital economy.



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