ZTE assists China Mobile in building new-quality networks, lead evolution to all-optical 10G speeds

Release Time:2024-06-03
  • ZTE assists China Mobile in leading the all-optical 10G era
  • ZTE conducted a live pilot for industrial quality inspection in Xiong'an using a full-rate 50G PON solution that integrates three technology generations and five access modes


Shenzhen, China, 3 June 2024 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of integrated information and communication technology solutions, attended the China Mobile 10G Network Innovation and Quality Improvement Conference in Xiong'an, Hebei province, China as a core partner of the operator's 10G network innovation initiative.


In addition to participating in the conference, ZTE undertook a series of related activities including displaying a stand and conducting field trials. Ma Xiaosong, Director of the FM Product Marketing and Solution Team at ZTE, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Jointly Building New-Quality Networks and Leading the Evolution to All-Optical 10G Speeds".


In his speech, Ma pointed out that all-optical broadband networks are not only a new type of infrastructure essential to stable national growth but also a cornerstone for operators' service operation. Improvements in broadband speed and quality bring a better experience to end users and drive new types of information consumption. With world-leading all-optical gigabit networks already deployed, China has started a new cycle of 10G network construction. As a key technology of all-optical 10G access networks, 50-Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (50G-PON) is transitioning from tests and trials to mature commercial use. In this process, it has to overcome five major challenges: technological complexity, industrial breakthroughs, scenario expansion, digital intelligence integration, and value operation.


ZTE works closely with China Mobile, meeting its technical requirements and milestone targets, thereby assisting in leading technology innovation, industry stewardship, and application piloting in the 50G PON field. ZTE provided China Mobile with an 8-port full-rate 50G PON card that integrates three technology generations and five access modes; a 50G PON Optical Network Unit (ONU); and a 50G PON Fiber To The Room (FTTR) fully integrated optical business gateway solution.


With these offerings, ZTE completed technical verification tests including those for multi-service Quality of Service (QoS), full configuration of 64 ONUs, and service compatibility. The company also performed 10G full-service all-scenario tests including To-Home (ToH) Internet speed, IPTV, 8K video, cloud Virtual Reality (VR) gaming, cloud Network Attached Storage (NAS) services; To-Consumer (ToC) small cell services; and To-Business (ToB) services.


In the pilot carried out at Xiong'an Zangang Concrete Co., Ltd., ZTE employed a combination of 50G PON and FTTR technologies to build a 10G all-optical network that covered quality inspection, office, and safety scenarios to lay a digital and intelligent foundation for the enterprise. Through Internet of Things (IoT) automation, digitalization of remote centralized management, and intelligentization of safety monitoring and quality inspection based on Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), the pilot completely changed the traditional concrete industry's heavy reliance on manual labor, vulnerability to safety risks, and poor working environment, achieving a digital production process that is efficient, safe, and healthy.


ZTE constantly strengthens its independent innovation in core 50G PON capabilities including components, systems, and algorithms. It achieved breakthroughs in high-speed, burst and long-distance 50G PON technology. On that basis, it accelerated technology iteration, improved technology processes, and developed 32dB+ high-power and Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP)+ optical modules. ZTE's new series of 50G PON FTTR main ONTs offers powerful capabilities of 10-Gigabit-capable Symmetric Passive Optical Network (XGS-PON), 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GE), and Wi-Fi 7 access. Its innovations in enhanced Artificial Intelligence -Passive Optical Network (AI-PON) native intelligence and precise PON underlying technology meet the requirements of service scenario expansion for deterministic bandwidth, latency, jitter, and packet loss, boosting the maturation of the 50G PON industry and the large-scale deployment of 10G networks.


Moving forward, ZTE will continue to collaborate with China Mobile in the innovation and quality improvement of all-optical 10G networks and help the operator lead the 10G field as the two parties look to better contribute to the digital transformation of thousands of industries and the development of new quality productive forces.



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