China Mobile and ZTE win Outstanding Catalyst - Contribution to TM Forum Assets Award at DTW 2023

Release Time:2023-09-27
  • ZTE and China Mobile, together with other industry partners, have jointly won the award of "Outstanding Catalyst - Contribution to TM Forum Assets" at DTW 2023 for their "Digital Twin for network operations" catalyst project
  • The Smart IoV digital twins-based intelligent operation solution provided by ZTE and China Mobile has been successfully deployed in China, delivering significant innovative benefits


Copenhagen, Denmark, 27 September 2023 - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, and China Mobile, together with other industry partners, have jointly won the award of "Outstanding Catalyst - Contribution to TM Forum Assets" by virtue of the Catalyst Project - "Digital Twin for network operations" at Digital Transformation World (DTW) 2023 held in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The introduction of a digital twin network has been considered a promising approach to enable L4+ Autonomous Networks. This Catalyst Project aims to integrating digital resources into high-priority, high-value scenarios to deploy a scenario-specific digital twin entity, and advances capabilities for pooling the joint forces and best solutions in user interaction, data collection, network simulation, service visualization, and optimal decision-making, ultimately enabling end-to-end network autonomy.


In this project, China Mobile and ZTE have joined forces in an innovative collaboration to build digital twins-based intelligent operation solution powered smart IoV. Based on the gradient boosting decision tree technology, the IoV action recognition model is established to realize the digital twin of massive connected vehicles. The management and operations of smart connected vehicles are built upon twin data and simulation algorithms, enabling vehicle control quality assurance. On the other hand, based on the neural network algorithm, the twin data application is used to establish a joint service quality and applications management system to implement in-vehicle entertainment profiling and traffic operation on IoV terminals.


The solution has been successfully deployed in Guangdong Province, delivering significant innovative benefits: 


Full-process simulation: Leveraging data and expertise, the IoV service quality simulation model is built, and the intelligent optimization method is used to output the optimal handling suggestions. This approach achieves 100% coverage of key services in vehicle control, and enhances troubleshooting efficiency by 80%.


Enhanced operational efficiency: This cutting-edge solution can generate service profiles for more than 2 million vehicles while generating optimal marketing policies in digital twin networks, with a subscription rate exceeding 12%, helping improve in-vehicle entertainment traffic.


Moving forward, China Mobile and ZTE will further their collaboration in more fields of autonomous networks, focusing on new-generation information technologies such as Digital Twins, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, accelerating the highly autonomous networks. 


Additionally, the "Creating a sustainable digital future: low-carbon networks” Catalyst Project, jointly completed by China Mobile, ZTE, and other industry partners, has been named a finalist for the "Best Moonshot Catalyst - The Energy Challenge" award. The Catalyst Project of "GenAI and Knowledge driven 5G operations", jointly accomplished by China Unicom, ZTE, and other industry partners, has been also selected as a finalist for the award of "Outstanding Catalyst - Best New Catalyst". 



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