China Mobile Pilots 5G in Guangzhou

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Guangzhou is leading the 5G development in China. China Mobile and ZTE launched the world's first pre-commercial 5G NR in Guangzhou University City in 2017, which became an important milestone in China's 5G development. The banner "4G changes life, 5G changes society" hanging under the 5G site has become an impressive slogan in the 5G era. China Mobile and ZTE made the world's first 5G call on the 2.6 GHz band through a commercial terminal under the landmark of Guangzhou Tower in 2019. The large-scale 5G deployment over the 2.6 GHz band is booming now.
Guangzhou stood out among many cities in 2020, becoming the city with the largest number of superb grids for China Mobile and among the top 10 excellent cities 
in 5G. In April 2020, Guangzhou Mobile, ZTE, and more than 20 benchmarking enterprises and institutions in Guangzhou, kicked off a gala of jointly building the "5G Pilot City" in Guangzhou, and released the world's first subway 5G slicing network system, which attracted widespread attention. 
Today, Guangzhou is leading in both 5G industry applications and network quality, striving to be the leading city in the 5G wave. 

5G Transportation Demonstration City 
5G industry applications are flourishing in Guangzhou, among which the most representative one can be "5G transportation demonstration". In addition to the released smart subway applications, Guangzhou Mobile, ZTE, China Railway Guangzhou Group, Guangzhou Metro, Bus Group, Guangzhou Automobile Group, and Road Administration have made in-depth explorations on smart transportation applications and enterprise digital transformation. This not only 
improves the management of Guangzhou transportation system and the operation efficiency of related enterprises, but also provides convenient travel services for citizens and tourists. 
First 5G Smart High-Speed Railway
Guangzhou Railway Group takes the lead in realizing 5G application innovations in three aspects of high-speed railway (HSR). It uses the first 5G HD smart eye that can detect whether the components on the bottom of HSR carriage are detached or deformed. Through the 5G network, the conventional work of two people in one hour can be replaced by an industrial camera and machine vision in two minutes, and the angle is more accurate and efficient. It adopts the first 5G HSR tele-eye to transmit high-definition video of road conditions beyond the line of sight to the driver in real time, so that the driver can make reasonable driving measures such as deceleration or braking in time, so as to reserve sufficient rescue time for the safety of life and property. It employs the first 5G HSR massive driving data auto-dump to save tedious manual operations such as traditional wired transmission and mobile hard disk copy and greatly improve transmission efficiency. 
First 5G SA Hard-Slicing Subway 
The first 5G SA hard-slicing applied in Guangzhou Tower Metro Station has realized full-scene intelligent subway management,  which has greatly improved security and operation efficiency while reducing the implementation cost. The 5G-based AR+ face recognition capability is deployed in the subway, and 4K UHD cameras are installed at security machines or security gates for automatic face capture, automatic online recognition, and remote research, so as to improve the accuracy of identifying dangerous factors and enhance travel security of passengers. Moreover, network slicing can ensure that the whole process of data collection, transmission, and processing in the smart subway service is completed in the 5G private subway network and isolated from ordinary 5G data services. This ensures the privacy and security of user data. 
First 5G BRT Intelligent Dispatching System
The bus rapid transit (BRT) system is the first in China to provide 5G coverage. It supports 20 application functions including fast operation scheduling, rapid bus traffic report, real-time panoramic video surveillance, and safe driving pre-warning. According to the statistics provided by Guangzhou Bus Group, the intelligent scheduling and data screening of bus services have saved 10% public traffic capacity, significantly improving the turnover efficiency of bus resources. The Bus Group has also launched a "Guangzhou Traffic + Xingxuntong" guide service, providing optimal travel service for more than 8 million users. Through the 5G network, passengers can check whether the bus has seats and whether it is crowded, and can avoid crowds during the epidemic. 
Leading 5G Intelligent Network-Based Driving
5G remote synchronous driving has been implemented. Through the 5G network, vehicle driving data is uploaded in real time, and HD videos are back-hauled in real time and synchronized to the instruments and meters in the remote control room for display.
First 5G Smart Road Administration Inspection
Nansha Bridge has been the world's first extra-large bridge with full 5G coverage. The bridge has realized China's first smart inspection of 5G road administration vehicles and 5G drones, being truly "connected, accessible, visible, and commanding". This completely improves security and emergency rescue capabilities. 

Eight New Sights of Guangzhou with 5G Dual Gigabit Networks
If 5G industrial applications are a thriving spring forest, 5G network will be the foundation of their survival. Only with the deep-rooted and well-developed 5G infrastructure network can various applications flourish in smart cities. Through the point-line-plane multi-dimensional coverage, only with a deep-rooted 5G infrastructure and a well-developed root system can there be a flourishing of various applications of Smart City. Through multi-dimensional coverage, Guangzhou Mobile and ZTE have built a 3D seamless 5G network that can easily achieve stable 5G connectivity and excellent experience. 
The 5G network has brought new life to this ancient Guangzhou. The combination of leading technology and natural landscape has made possible eight new sights of Guangzhou with 5G dual gigabit networks available everywhere on bridges, in cars, and from indoor to outdoor. 
Pearl River New Town
As a national central business district (CBD), Pearl River New Town of Guangzhou has the densest skyscraper complex of over 300 meters in China. To meet the coverage needs of these skyscrapers, Guangzhou Mobile and ZTE proposed an innovative 5G 3D 1+X vertical coverage solution. It has been verified that the vertical coverage can be increased by 30%, the access capacity 30%, and the service capacity 5%. Its lean beam transmission can also reduce equipment energy consumption by 10%, achieving super 5G coverage scenario.
University City
University City, also known as South China's Silicon Valley, is the birthplace of Guangzhou 5G, where the world's first 5G NR is built. Through the 2.6G/4.9G dual-band coverage, a 5G network is built with the peak traffic of over 4 Gbps that can withstand the tide impact of all users, bringing them unlimited freedom of communication and exploration. 
Beijing Road
Beijing Road is a living fossil of Lingnan culture in Guangzhou. It is a prosperous market for more than a thousand years, with narrow streets and large flow of people. Its average daily passenger flow reaches 400,000, with a peak of one million. Large-capacity macro cells, micro cells and pico cells are used together to fully meet 5G coverage and capacity needs of the high-density areas. During the Asian International Food Festival, citizens and tourists at the scene enjoyed a lot of food, while foodie friends far away could feast their eyes on 5G HD live streaming.
Pearl River 
Along the Pearl River there are wide roads on one side and tall buildings on the other. To meet outdoor and indoor coverage needs, industry-leading macro base station with a high power of 320W and a large bandwidth of 160M is used to provide wide coverage and large capacity. This helps to create an outdoor super grid with an average rate exceeding gigabit, while taking into account the penetration and extension of indoor coverage.
Huanan Express
Huanan Express runs through the north and south of Guangzhou, and the traffic flows all day long, just like the non-stop pace of Guangzhou's development. 5G base stations at the roadside adopt Doppler shift compensation and super cell technologies to ensure a gigabit high-speed experience. The 5G network makes it possible to connect quickly and seamlessly in Guangzhou.
Nansha Bridge
Nansha Bridge is the first super project in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and also the world's first 5G bridge with full coverage. The 5G network overcomes a series of difficulties such as large inter-site distance, strong wind, salty environment, and sea-surface mirror interference. On the day the bridge was opened, Guangzhou Mobile and ZTE jointly demonstrated an intelligent inspection of China's first 5G road administration, which provided an example for intelligent security and emergency support. 
Baiyun International Airport
Baiyun International Airport is one of three major aviation hubs in China, with an annual passenger throughput of more than 70 million, which is a typical high-value high-density indoor scenario. 5G QCell is small and exquisite for 5G indoor coverage. It is not only a landscape overhead, but also an expert in 5G indoor coverage. With 5G QCell, passengers can enjoy the time of waiting for airport pick-up, online HD video playing, cloud VR and cloud games. They can connect to the web as they wish.
China Mobile's Skyscraper
China Mobile's skycraper, Guangzhou Information Building, is located in the Pazhou West District where there are many first-class office buildings. In the Guangzhou Information Building, Guangzhou Mobile and ZTE use innovative indoor distributed antenna system (DAS) for smooth 5G upgrade, solving the traditional bottleneck of indoor distribution performance. According to the test, the downlink rate can reach 1.2 Gbps at a bandwidth of 100M, with an average downlink rate increased by 35% and an average uplink rate increased by 27%.

Now is the time for 5G, and Guangzhou welcomes you to experience it. Guangzhou is moving forward bravely on the road of leading and developing a smart city and a wise life. Guangzhou Mobile, ZTE, and all partners of Guangzhou 5G ecosystem will continue to drive innovation, accelerate the digital transformation of various industries, and promote sustainable urban development. They will work together to make everyone feel the warmth of 5G and jointly depict a bright future of 5G city.