Big Video Booming Worldwide

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Massive videos and TV series played on multiple terminals create a new way of life. According to industry estimates, video services will consume more than 95 percent of data traffic on operator networks in 2020.
On the global market, major operators are working extremely hard to provide various video services to customers. In the future, big video will shape up to be operators’ major service, which will create huge value and benefits.


Jiangsu Branch of China Telecom (Jiangsu Telecom): the First Operator to Broadcast Live 4K IPTV Sports Events

Jiangsu Telecom took the lead in exploring the IPTV field in 2005. It cooperated with Shanghai Media Group and Jiangsu TV Station, established an official IPTV office, and allocated large-scale IPTV accounts in 2008. By the end of 2014, with more than 5.5 million IPTV subscribers, Jiangsu Telecom ranked No.1 in the China Telecom Group, and its IPTV office has developed as the largest commercial IPTV office in the world.
On the commercial platform, Jiangsu Telecom has provided abundant value-added services, including intelligent search, TV message system (TVMS), smart community, Good Morning Jiangsu, and early childhood education. On the innovation platform, it has launched more than ten value-added services, such as big-data-based deep analysis, multi-screen interaction, social TV, personalized EPG, somatic games, Android app stores, and multi-screen photo album. They will be gradually migrated to the commercial platform.
In 2015, the commercialization of converged CDN made Jiangsu Telecom the first operator to broadcast live 4K IPTV sports events. In addition, it made its worldwide debut of the mobile TV service. Jiangsu Telecom’s innovative initiatives in the video service field have piled up profits.


Sichuan Branch of China Mobile (Sichuan Mobile): China’s Largest OTT Commercial Office to Provide Digital Services
Sichuan Mobile started developing OTT TV services in 2014. Now, with a capacity of 2.7 million subscribers and 1.3 million online subscribers, Sichuan Telecom is China’s largest commercial OTT office.
By holding the copyright to live broadcast UK’s Premier League events, building an authorized HD show library encompasses movies, TV series and documentaries, and offering 1080P HD programs with surround Dolby sound, Sichuan Mobile’s OTT TV services brought amazing audio-visual experience to customers.
In 2015, Sichuan Mobile reformed its CDN architecture to ensure busy-hour service quality, introduced OTT multicast technologies to reduce backbone network traffic, and planned to launch visual communication and 4K services in addition to Mi-Cu Music and games in 2016. The OTT TV services have transformed Sichuan Mobile from traffic operation to digital services.


Telkom: Indonesia’s First Commercial IPTV Office with More Than One Million Active Users

With 9 million fixed network subscribers and 3 million broadband subscribers, Telkom is the largest full-service operator in Indonesia.
In 2010, Telkom started deploying TV services. At the initial stage, it planned to provide services for 30 thousand IPTV subscribers and 9 thousand OTT subscribers by using ZTE’s IPTV/OTT architecture. In January 2015, Telkom made the IndiHome plan, and ZTE customized an IPTV/OTT end-to-end solution with a capacity of 3 million subscribers.
At MWC 2015, Telkom and ZTE jointly announced that they would establish a united IPTV/OTT innovation center in Indonesia. In June 2015, Telkom tried 4K services and signed the first 1-million-STB contract with ZTE. Currently, Telkom’s IPTV/OTT subscribers are increasing 80 thousand per month, leaving its rivals far behind.


Maxcom: Converged TV Services Create New Visual Experience for Mexico

Maxcom introduced Microsoft IPTV in 2009. However, its expensive TCO and outdated services led to a very high churn rate.
Maxcom adopted ZTE OTT system at the end of 2014 and launched the OTT TV services three months later, receiving favorable comments from the market. Therefore, Maxcom resolutely migrate the Microsoft MR IPTV subscribers to ZTE OTT platform due to its excellent functions. In the following 20 days, ZTE successfully deployed and tested the converged TV system, which was put into commercial operation in October 2015.
Good user experience of video services has increased broadband user stickiness. Moreover, diversified contents and multi-screen interaction boost the consumption of video services. Maxcom consequently made a significant breakthrough in profits.


South Africa MTN: Converged CDN Gets Close to Users

With more than 200 million subscribers in total, MTN is the largest multinational mobile operator in the Middle East and Africa.
At the end of 2014, MTN invited global equipment providers to participate in converged CDN short-list competitive bidding. In the CDN PoC test, ZTE outperformed all its rivals for advanced converged CDN technologies and differentiated content distribution capability.
By introducing converged CDN technologies, MTN achieved fast video distribution, webpage acceleration and file acceleration. Morever, optimal operation based on big data, hit movies recommendation and high-accuracy content enable MTN to get close to users.


PTCL: Building a New Multi-screen Ecosystem
Till now, PTCL has developed nearly 100 thousands subscribers since it established IPTV service brand—Smart TV in 2007.
However, it is in a dilemma of user stagnation due to its ageing equipment and monotonous services. In 2014, PTCL cooperated with ZTE to develop future-proof multi-screen video services.
With ZTE’s IPTV/OTT converged multi-screen solution, PTCL successfully extended its Smart TV brand to the mobile broadband field, bringing users a new experience by beautiful UI design, swift channel switching, and precise content recommendation. On February 15th, 2015, Cricket World Cup 2015, which is Pakistan’s most popular game, was inaugurated. ZTE immediately launched a special program for this game to offer multi-screen live services, which earned wide acclaim.
PTCL’s Smart TV services integrated advertising platform, third-party leasehold, internet cache, and 4K services. The expansion of operation modes secured PTCL’s leading position in Pakistan’s telecom market.