Space-Terrestrial Integrated Architecture for Internet of Things

Release Date:2020-12-14  Author:ZHANG Gengxin, DING Xiaojin, QU Zhicheng  Click:

Space-Terrestrial Integrated Architecture for Internet of Things

ZHANG Gengxin1, DING Xiaojin1, QU Zhicheng1
(Telecommunication and Networks National Engineering Research Center, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing 210003, China)

Abstract: To realize the ultimate vision of Internet of Things (IoT), only depending on terrestrial network is far from enough. As a supplement and extension of terrestrial network, satellite network can offer powerful support to realize the depth and breadth of the coverage. However, existing satellite networks are usually designed for particular purposes. Moreover, traditional satellite networks and terrestrial networks are developed and operated separately, consequently they cannot meet the need of network flexibility required by IoT. In this paper, a space-terrestrial architecture is conceived for constructing a spaceterrestrial based IoT (ST-IoT) system. Additionally, a reliable identification procedure, an integrated access and communication procedure, as well as a clustering cooperative transmission strategy are also presented.

Keywords: Internet of Things; system architecture; space-terrestrial integrated network


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