Emotion and Cognitive Reappraisal Based on GSR Wearable Sensor

Release Date:2018-02-06  Author:LI Minjia, XIE Lun, WANG Zhiliang, and REN Fuji  Click:

[Abstract] Various wearable equipment enables us to measure people behavior by physiological signals. In our research, we present one galvanic skin reaction (GSR) wearable sensor which can analyze human emotions based on cognition reappraisal. First, We research the factors of emotional state transition in Arousal⁃Valence⁃Stance(AVS) emotional space. Second, the influence of the cognition on emotional state transition is considered, and the reappraisal factor based on Gross regulation theory is established to correct the effectiveness from cognitive reappraisal ability to emotional state transition. Third, based on the previous work, we establish a GSR emotion sensing system for predicting emotional state transition and considering the correlation between GSR signals and emotions. Finally, an overall wearable sensor layout is built. In the experiment part, we invited 30 college students to wear our GSR sensors and watch 14 kinds of affective videos. We recorded their GSR signals while asking them to record their emotional states synchronously. The experiment results show different reappraisal factors can predict subjects’ emotional state transition well and indirectly confirm the feasibility of the Gross regulation theory.

[Keywords] wearable equipment; emotional state transition; AVS emotional space; Gross regulation theory; GSR emotion sensing system


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