Dew Computing and Transition of Internet Computing Paradigms

Release Date:2017-11-24  Author:WANG Yingwei, Karolj Skala, Andy Rindos, Marjan Gusev, YANG Shuhui, and PAN Yi  Click:

[Abstract] The goal of this paper focuses on the development of dew computing, including its origins, research status, development status, and its impact on the transition history of Internet computing paradigms. By gathering and studying all the research papers related to dew computing that we are aware of, we found that these papers can be classified into three groups: dew computing early explorations, dew computing feature research, and dew computing application research. Commercial development in the dew computing area also has progressed fast recently; many dew computing products were developed and put into the market. To distinguish dew computing from other Internet computing paradigms and to reveal its essential features, we analyze the transition history of the Internet computing paradigms from information location and distribution aspects. Online impact and redundancy rate are two indices introduced to perform the analysis. The analysis reveals that dew computing is significantly different from other Internet computing paradigms.

[Keywords] dew computing; cloud computing; online impact; redundancy rate; Internet computing paradigm


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