Abbreviation Index

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Abbreviation Index


ACK: Acknowledgement
AF: Amplify-and-Forward
AL-FEC: Application Layer Forward Error Correction
AP: Access Point
APRANET: Advanced Research Projects Agency Networks
ASIC: Application-Specific Integrated Circuit



BBU: Baseband Unit
BD: Block Diagonalization
BER: Bit Error Rate
BF: Beamforming
BL: Basic Layer
BLER: Block Error Rate
BPSK: Binary Phase Shift Keying
BS: Base Station
BSC: Base Station Controller



CAPEX: Capital Expenditures
CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences
CBF: Coordinated Beamforming
CC: Coded Cooperation
CCS: CoMP Cooperating Set
CDD: Cyclic Delay Diversity
CDF: Cumulative Distribution Function
CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access
CE: Cognitive Engine
CERN: European Organization for Nuclear Research
CHT: Complex Hadamard Transformation
CoMP: Coordinated Multi-Point Transmission     
CoopRTS: Cooperative Request-To-Send
CPC: Cognitive Pilot Channel
CQI: Channel Quality Indicator
CR: Cognitive Radio
CRC: Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRI: CoMP Resource Information
CS/CB: Coordinated Scheduling/ Coordinated Beamforming
CSCC: Common Spectrum Coordination Channel
CSI: Channel State Information
CTP: CoMP Transmission Point
CTS: Clear-To-Send
CWN: Cognitive Wireless Network


DC-HSPA: Dual Cell High Speed PacketAccess
DCT: Discrete Cosine Transform
DF: Decode and Forward
DFT: Discrete Fourier Transform
DFT-SOFDM: Discrete Fourier Transform Spread OFDM
DL: Downlink
DMF: Demodulate and Forward
DMMX: Data Optimized Multi-Carrier Multilink Extension
DOA: Direction of Arrival
DPI: Deep Packet Inspection
DSP: Digital Signal Processor
DVB: Digital Video Broadcasting
DWT: Discrete Wavelet Transform


EBB: Eigenvalue Based Beamforming
EC2: Elastic Compute Cloud
EDGE: Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution
EGEE: Enabling Grids for E-Science
EL: Enhanced Layer
ENIAC: Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
E-RAB: EUTRAN Radio Access Bearer
EV-DO: Evolution Data Optimized


DD: Frequency Division Duplex
FEC: Forward Error Correction
FER: Frame Error Rate
FFT: Fast Fourier Transform
FPGA: Field Programmable Gate Array
FSTD: Frequency Switched Transmit Diversity


GB: Guard Band
GFS: Google File System
GPS: Global Positioning System
GSM: Global System for Mobile Communication


HDTV: High-Definition Television
HMMX: High-Speed Data Packet Access Multi-Carrier Multi-Link Extension
HSDPA: High-Speed Downlink Packet Access
HSPA: High Speed Packet Access
HTS: Helper-Ready-To-Send


ICI: Inter-Cell Interference
ICIC: Inter-cell Interference Coordination
ICT: Information and Communication Technologies
IF: Intermediate Frequency
IMT-A: International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced
IPTV: Internet Protocol Television




JP: Joint Processing
JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group


LC: Layer Coding
LDC: Least Developed Country
L-DSTC: Distributed Discrete Code
LEACH: Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy
LHC: Large Hadron Collider
LT: Luby Tansform
LTE: Long Term Evolution
LTE-A: Long Term Evolution Advanced


M2M: Machine to Machine
MAC: Media Access Control
MBD: Minimum Beam Distance
MBMS: Multimedia Broadcasting Multicast Service
MC-HSPA: Multi-Carrier High Speed Packet Access
MDC: Multiple Description Coding
MediaFLO: Media Forward Link Only
MIMO: Multiple-Input Multiple-Output
MME: Mobility Management Entity
MMSE: Minimum Mean Square Error
MT: Mobile Terminal


NP: Network Processor



ODI: Open Device Initiative
OFDM: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFDMA: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access



PAR: Peak-to-Average Ratio
PDSCH: Physical Downlink Shared Channel
PMI: Precoding Matrix Indicator



QoS: Quality of Service



RAN: Radio Access Networks
REI: Rest Energy Information
RF: Radio Frequency
RFID: Radio Frequency ID
RI: Rank Indication
RNC: Radio Network Control
RRS: Reconfigurable Radio System
RRU: Remote Radio Unit
RS: Reed-Solomon
RSRP: Reference Signal Receiving Power
RTS: Request-To-Send



S3: Simple Storage Service
SaaS: Software as a Service
SCM: Space Channel Model
SD: Spatial Diversity
SDM: Space Division Multiplexing
SDR: Software Defined Radio
SDTV: Standard-Definition Television
SFBC: Space Frequency Block Coding
SFN: Single Frequency Network
SFN: System Frame Number
S-GW: Service Gateway                    
SIC: Successive Interference Cancellation
SINR: Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio
SNR: Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SRS: Sounding Reference Signal
STBC: Space-Time Block Coding
SU: Single-User
SVD: Singular Value Decomposition



TDD: Time Division Duplex
TD-LTE: Time Division Long Term Evolution
TD-SCDMA: Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access
TEEN: Threshold Sensitive Energy Efficient sensor Network
THP: Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding
TS: Time Slot



UE: User Equipment
UL: Uplink
UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System



VMIMO: Virtual Multiple-Input Multiple-Output
VoD: Video on Demand




WDMF: Weighted DeModulate-Forward
Wi-Fi: Wireless Fidelity
WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network
WMSN: Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network



ZF: Zero Forcing


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