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Global Leading Integrated Communication Information Solution Provider

ZTE Corporation is a global leader in telecommunications and information technology. Founded in 1985 and listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, the company has been committed to providing innovative technologies and integrated solutions for global operators, government and enterprise, and consumers from over 160 countries across the globe. Serving over 1/4 of the global population, the company is dedicated to enabling connectivity and trust everywhere for a better future.

ZTE has complete end-to-end product lines and integrated solutions in the telecommunications industry. Bolstered with its all series of wireless, wireline, services, devices and professional telecommunications services, the company has great capability of flexibly satisfying the diversified requirements and pursuit for rapid innovations of global operators and government and enterprise network customers. 

ZTE believes in technology innovation as a core value of the company, investing more than 10% of annual revenue in its R&D. The company has established 11 state-of-art R&D centers in China. By June 2022, ZTE has filed applications for more than 85,000 patents, with over 43,000 granted. and has been granted China Patent Awards 10 Gold Awards. At the same time, ZTE is a major participant and contributor in global 5G technology research and standard development.

ZTE adheres to the sustainable development concept and achieves harmonious coexistence of society, environment, and stakeholders. ZTE uses communication technologies to help people in different areas enjoy equal freedom of communication. ZTE fulfills the concept of "innovation, integration, and green" throughout the entire product lifecycle, and the whole process of R&D, production, logistics, and customer services. ZTE makes unremitting efforts to achieve global energy consumption reduction and carbon emission reduction. 

ZTE also promotes community public welfare and relief worldwide. In December 2021, both ZTE A and H shares were included in the FTSE index series. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact and GeSI(The Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative), ZTE has, for 14 consecutive years since 2009, initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report to the community.

ZTE will continue to implement the positioning of "Driver of Digital Economy," focus on ICT infrastructure, and co-exist with its partners to promote the sustainable development of the global digital economy.