Build Information Society

At present, global economic development and social life are undergoing tremendous changes, including the great impact of communication technology developments on people's lives and society. The development of communication technology is an important mark of the formation of information society that affects people in all aspects currently. During the process, people communicate more closely, narrowing the distance between human beings; working styles are more diverse, greatly improving work efficiency; education is more universal, obviously enhancing the social civilization level; human personalities are fully respected, and people's development is more liberalization and diversification; people's quality of life is greatly improved; thinking is more active; worldwide co-operations are more fully. All of this realization is dependent on the development of communication technologies.
Information is effecting the social development in its own way. Barrier-free communications are making digital chasm disappeared gradually and finally will bring us a real global village where people from both developed and developing countries live in the same Blue Sky. As a leader in the information industry and China's largest listed companies among communications equipment manufacturers, ZTE Corporation has made tremendous efforts to eliminate global digital chasm and achieved splendid results in the process of transforming from industrial society to information society.

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