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1. 中国信息通信研究院,2.中国电信股份有限公司北京分公司


Analysis and Specification Progress of 5G Security Risk

YANG Hongmei1,ZHAO Yong2
1. China Academy of Information and Communications Technology; 2. China Telecom Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch

Abstract:New technologies and features of 5G network bring new security risks and challenges. It is mainly reflected in the blurred security boundary of virtualization equipment, the increased risk of data leakage, massive diversified terminals are vulnerable to attack, and the increased difficulty in the division of security responsibility subjects in new business scenarios. The 5G security specifications focus on the key technologies of 5G security, the security architecture and process, and security assurance etc. At present, the first phase (R15) of 5G security specifications has been published, and the second phase (R16) is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.
Keywords: 5G; infrastructure; key technology; security risk; supply chain security risk; specification



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