5G TSN技术的创新研究
2022-06-21 作者:张启明,郑兴明,张寿勇  
5G TSN技术的创新研究 - 中兴通讯技术
5G TSN技术的创新研究
发布时间:2022-06-21  作者:张启明,郑兴明,张寿勇  阅读量:

5G TSN技术的创新研究

(中兴通讯股份有限公司,中国 深圳 518057)

摘要:提出5G时间敏感网络(TSN)面临的主要技术挑战:高精度时间同步、低时延确定性转发、高可靠连接。围绕5G TSN的发展,中兴通讯研发出一系列创新技术,并且有多项提案被3GPP采纳,例如基于时间提前量(TA)和往返时间(RTT)方法的传播延迟补偿、CG/SPS配置的增强、基于上行Survival time的方法等。在方案实现层面引入智能网卡技术,并且针对多样的工业互联网进行适配。这些技术和方案进一步促进了5G TSN的发展。中兴通讯联合运营商及工业合作伙伴在5G TSN端到端实践方面取得了一定进展。  

5G TSN Technologies and Innovation

ZHANG Qiming, ZHENG Xingming, ZHANG Shouyong
(ZTE Corporation, Shenzhen 518057, China)

Abstract: Main technical challenges faced by 5G TSN are proposed, including high-precision time synchronization, low latency and deterministic forwarding, and high reliability connection. ZTE Corporation develops a series of innovative technologies, and a number of proposals have been adopted by 3GPP, such as the propagation delay compensation based on timing advance (TA) and round-trip time (RTT), enhancement of CG/SPS configuration, and method based on uplink survival time. At the solution implementation level, the smart NIC technology is introduced, and the solution adaptable to various industrial Internet is also considered. These technologies and solutions have further promoted the development of 5G TSN. At the same time, ZTE Corporation has made some progress in the end-to-end practice with telecom operators and industrial partners in 5G TSN.  
Keywords: high-precision time synchronization; low latency and deterministic forwarding; high reliability connection; smart NIC

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