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摘要:全球范围内已开启6G研究浪潮,为满足不断攀升的数据传输速率需求,扩大频带宽度、增加天线数量是直接有效手段。在6G应用场景与关键能力驱动下,6425~7125 MHz频段(U6G)超大规模多输入多输出(MIMO)技术成为满足6G需求的潜在使能技术之一。基于U6G超大规模MIMO系统的天线形态及信道特征,针对该技术面临的成本、开销、复杂度三重挑战,提出高效能U6G超大规模MIMO无线传输的总体设计目标,并展望其未来研究趋势。



Abstract: 6G has raised a global research wave. To meet the ever-increasing demand for data transmission rates, expanding the bandwidth and increasing the number of antennas are direct and effective means. Driven by 6G application scenarios and key capabilities, 6425~7125 MHz frequency-band (U6G) extra-large scale multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology becomes a candidate enabler to meet the requirements of 6G. Based on the RF and channel characteristics, the overall design goal of efficient U6G extra-large scale MIMO is proposed, to address the challenges in cost, overhead, and complexity. Finally, future research trends are discussed.

Keywords: 6G; U6G frequency-band; extra-large scale MIMO

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