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[摘要] 提出5G在各行业领域成熟度及应用进程时间表,包括AR/VR/MR/HR、车联网、智能电网及智能制造等。对5G在典型垂直行业应用特点、主要应用场景进行分析,提出相应场景下对5G的关键技术指标要求,对今后5G在垂直行业领域应用的深入开展和落实提出建议。

[关键词] 5G;AR/VR/MR/HR;车联网;智能电网;智能制造

[Abstract] In this paper, the maturity and application schedule of 5G in various industries are proposed, including AR/VR/MR/HR,vehicle networking, smart grid, intelligent manufacturing. The application characteristics and main application scenarios of 5G in typical vertical industries are analyzed, and the key technical requirements of 5G in corresponding scenarios are put forward. Finally, some suggestions on the further development and implementation of 5G in vertical industry are proposed.

[Keywords] 5G;AR/VR/MR/HR;Vehicle Networking;Smart Grid;Intelligent Manufacturing



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