ZTE IMS Solutions

FMC Multimedia Operation Brings New Business Opportunities

Solution Innovator

Main objective of next-generation network construction is to build an unified network through transformation. ZTE offers continuously innovative IMS solutions to satisfy the requirements and needs of operators’ network transformation.

ZTE is one of the few vendors providing end-to-end IMS solution, which covers core network, service platform, access, terminals, and OSS/BSS.

ZTE provides perfect voice over LTE solutions, including the CS Fallback (CSFB) solution and the IMS-based SRVCC solution. ZTE successfully established world’ s first IMS based VoLTE calls between the commercial LTE network and existing mobile networks in November, 2010. ZTE is also the first vender to introduce a mobile AGCF (mAGCF) by utilizing IMS Centralized Services (ICS) capabilities for mobile network migration.

For traditional fixed network transformation, ZTE is currently the only company in the industry which offers an user transparent IMS-based PSTN/ISDN Emulation solution that supports multiple legacy access modes at same time, including H.248, V5, PRI/BRI, H.323, MGCP, NCS and IETF SIP, etc.

ZTE also has built a complete IMS-based FMC multimedia solution – zMILE (ZTE's Multimedia Integrated Life Experience) – to easily deliver carrierclass multimedia/streaming media services for both fixed and mobile operators.

Highlights of ZTE IMS Solutions

  - End-to-end solution including IMS core network, service platform, access, terminals, and OSS/BSS

  - Converging CS & IMS solution, enabling operators business transformation from pure voice network operator to FMC multimedia services provider

  - Carrier-grade multimedia/streaming media services (rich calls, HD video conferencing, multimedia Global Landscape of ZTE IMS messaging, multimedia ring back tone, multimedia caller ID, media sharing, IPTV, surveillance, etc.)

  - Proven interoperability and strong integration capability

  - Rich deployment experience covering various scenarios (such as PSTN migration, VoLTE/ VoWiMAX, IT & CT convergence and multimedia/ streaming services on smart phones )



Market Pioneer
As one of the leading IMS providers worldwide, ZTE has established the extensive references in IMS field. As of Q4 2011, ZTE has won over 140 IMS commercial/trial contracts worldwide, including Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Albania, Philippines, Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia, U.S. , China etc.