5G XR关键技术挑战和方案研究

发布时间:2023-06-26 作者:王新台,袁知贵 阅读量:


摘要:扩展现实(XR)业务引入5G仍面临业务识别和保障、网络接口开放、头显终端不成熟等诸多挑战。研究了XR业务的特征和分类,并提出智能优先比特率(Smart PBR)方案和无线接入网(RAN)分组时延预算协同调度(PDB)方案。Smart PBR方案可为XR业务提供带宽确定性保障。RAN PDB协同调度方案可使小区中满足PDB要求的报文比例显著增加,大大提高用户体验质量。本研究对推动XR业务在5G网络中部署有一定的指导意义。



Abstract: Extended reality (XR) services in the 5G network still face many challenges such as service identification and guarantee, network interface openness, and immature head display terminals. The characters and classification of XR services are discussed, and the Smart PBR and radio access network (RAN) packet delay budget (PDB) collaborative scheduling schemes are proposed. The Smart PBR scheme can provide bandwidth deterministic guarantee for XR services. The RAN PDB collaborative scheduling scheme can significantly increase the proportion of packets that meet PDB requirements in the cell, greatly improving the quality of experience. This study has certain guiding significance for promoting the deployment of XR services in 5G networks.

Keywords: service model; cell capacity; service character; service identificationand guarantee; intelligent prioritised bit rate; packet delay budget collaborative scheduling

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