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(深圳市中兴微电子技术有限公司,中国 深圳 518081)





Key Technologies and Challenges of Chiplet

LI Leqi, LIU Xinyang, PANG Jian

(Sanechips Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen 518081, China)

Abstract:The semiconductor industry is entering the post-Moore era, and Chiplet emerges as the times require. The current status, interface standards of Chiplet technology, and the advanced packaging types applied to Chiplet are introduced, including multichip module (MCM), 2.5D package, and 3D package. The progress of these packaging technologies is discussed from their respective characteristics, application scenarios, etc. The importance and urgency of developing Chiplet in the future are put forward. It is believed that ecological construction should be paid attention to and technical standards based on Chiplet should be established as soon as possible.

Keywords:Chiplet; 2.5D package; 3D package; advanced package

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