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Voice Communication


VoWiFi:Internet + Communication Featured Solution

ZTE VoWiFi solution combines Internet cloud services, such as visit national cloud platform directly, Google map etc applications, which fully converges “Internet+”to provide featured local service.

IMS Convergent Voice Solution

ZTE iCX (intelligent Controller eXtensive) and iMG (integrative Media Gateway) products provide CS/IMS convergence voice services, such as convergent Centrex, ONLY, and ICS (IMS Centralized Service), to bring users richer service experience.

eVoLTE: Enhanced VoLTE solution

ZTE eVoLTE solution is an enhanced version for VoLTE, it provides HD voice, video, rich media communication, VoWiFi, WebRTC, video&audio etc rich multimedia services, which help operators to stabilize and expand voice revenues, and improve their ability to resist OTT.

IMS Based PSTN/ISDN Network Migration Solution

ZTE IMS based PSTN Migration Solution introduces AGCF entity, all the legacy AG/xPON users and PRI /V5 /ISDN /V5 ISDN /H.323 users can be accessed to IMS. Service server (PSS/PES AS and SIP AS) provides constant service experience for existing PSTN users and brings richer multimedia service experience for broadband users.

Cloud IMS Solution

With the increasing competition in the telecom industry, the legacy telecom operators are threatened by the OTT service providers. The telecom industry is under pressure to deploy the mature virtualization technology to build its agile and elastic infrastructure to allow fast and efficient service deployment.

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