ZTE RCS Based Smart Home Solution

  • 1.Overview
    In the near future, mobile services and home services will converge together. How to converge these two services becomes a problem in this industry. ZTE innovatively introduces the new generation of STB to be the unified home media center for both mobile and home services and bring the IoT element in these traditional services, aiming to build the smart home for the customers.  

    Figure 1 ZTE RCS-Based Smart Home Solution

    2.Solution Highlights:
    1. The traditional IoT gateway evolves to the home media center in order to bring more media functions and obtain more smart home services including but not limited to 4K UHD video, playing games, video call between mobile screens, TV screens and home cloud to allow media sharing between family members. 
    2. ZTE introduces the unified RCS entrance and open RCS platform to enhance the connection of individuals with their families. For the subscribers, they need to download the unified RCS app named as Z-chat to control sensors or devices with different brands or companies without downloading or installing different apps. However, for the operators, the unified home entrance is controlled by them and gives the possibility to get more revenue from the smart home services in the near future.

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