ZTE iTOP Solution

  • 1.     Why do Telco need data monetization?

    With the growth of user requirements and development of communication technology, operators have been spending big money to build faster mobile data networks but the income of data services does not increase with traffic growth at same rate. A precise traffic operation solution is urgently expected when the existing system cannot meet the requirements due to the following factors:

         • Simple products: Only volume based package, cannot provide the flexible data package combined with volume, location and quality dimensions.

         • Undiversified sales channel: Operators’ B2C is the only ordering and payment channel, operators need to explore the B2B, B2B2C and B2C2C channels.

         • Single business model: Limited to one-way data traffic sales, operators need to further activate the traffic value and explore more business models.

    To meet the challenges and opportunities in the mobile Internet era, ZTE has started the development of iTOP (Intelligent Traffic Operation Platform) since the mid of 2013 to monetize the traffic in ‘Internet logic’ mode. ZTE intelligent traffic operation solution provides innovative services and multiple sales channels to help operators to solve these headaches.

    2.     ZTE iTOP Benefits

    ITOP is the core infrastructure for traffic operation and monetization. Thus the mobile operators, by taking advantage of the channel & content resources, exposing the innovation capabilities realized by the data policies, adopting service management and network data analysis, can rapidly provide the traffic products in “Micro-innovation” mode.

    ★ Various Innovative Services

        • Data voucher isa service that allows subscribers to share, gift and sell data quota to their friends, family or others.

        • Sponsor data enables 3rd party (enterprise or OTT provider) to reward/benefit their customers triggered by pre-defined actions in very convenient ways to promote their services and products.

        • E-recharge data allows the retailers to sell data traffic and help operators to expand the data traffic channel.

        • Location based offer provide the bonus zone data service to end users.

        • QoS guarantee provides the service guarantee for mobile users and improve the user experience.

        • Marketing Activities provide the real time activities to end users, for example, limited offer, lucky draw, wining data, etc.

    ★ Bringing New Revenues

        • Improving business models: Improve the original B2C channel, and expand the B2B, B2B2C and B2C2C channels.

        • Improving cooperation with OTT, CP/SP, SNS and 3rd parties.

        • Multiple Payment channels: Bank, e-Wallet, virtual currency.

        • Multiple Innovative Services: Data transfer, Data gift, Data sharing, Sponsor Data, QoS guarantee.

    ★ Improving User Experience

       • Rich Data service portfolio: Flexible data package to meet various user requirements, for example, the campus data package, sponsor data, data reward, night package, etc.

       • Attractive access channels: End users get data traffic from mobile applications, 3rd Party Portal, data gift and so on.

    ★ An Open Platform for Data Capabilities

  •    • Unified openness API to integrate with APP/SNS to spread the influence of data voucher service, for example, the QoS guarantee capability.

       • Unified openness API to integrate with 3rd party to create a value-added eco-system and expand their business model by sharing the revenue with CPs/SPs.

  •    • Intelligent application management to speed up the process of launching new services and shorten the Time to Market (TTM).

    3.     ZTE ITOP Successful Cases


    Till now, ZTE iTOP solution has been successfully deployed in Orange Cote d’Ivoire, and provides the emergency data, data transfer, and data share services, besides, ZTE also help operator to expand the cooperation with 3rd party partners by sponsor data service. In China, ZTE provide ITOP solution to three operators, including Shanxi Unicom, Ningxia Unicom, Tianjin Unicom, Jilin Mobile and Chongqing Telecom and so on.

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