ZTE CMA Solution

  • 1.    Overview

    With the rapid growth of mobile services, the messaging services such as SMS, MMS, USSD and mobile instant messaging are widely used.

    Various messaging services are provided by different vendors, so the maintenance cost of different platforms had been greatly increased.

    At present, many problems need to be solved, including:

    • Each system is independently constructed, so the hardware and network resources can't be shared.

    • Each message system has an independent maintenance system, which requires a great amount of maintenance manpower.

    • Smooth migration of NFV can't be supported.

    To solve the above disadvantages, ZTE has proposed CMA (Converged Message Architecture), which can simplify the system framework, retain the characteristics of existing message services, and support the NFV architecture.

    ZTE CMA Architecture

    2.    Customer Benefits

    ★ NFV Supported

    With the development of Internet+ and digitalization, the traditional CT cannot catch up with the fast-changing Internet era. NFV standard allows sharing of software and hardware resources and automatic scaling of system resources with service capacity.

    ZTE CMA adopts NFV architecture providing operators with business agility, including elasticity (Scale-IN/scale-OUT feature), improvement of system maintenance capability, and shortening the VNF system deployment period by concurrent and automatic deployment of VNFs.

    ★ Unified Messaging Service Engine

    ZTE CMA solution, which is messaging oriented, provides one common engine for multiple messaging services, such as SMS, MMS, USSD, and VMS, making message delivery more efficient, reducing the delivery complexity, bringing the better user experience for end users.

    In addtion, ZTE CMA solution provides the unified O&M portal and unified billing to minimize integration of various services and contribute to minimizing operational cost for the operator.

    ★ New Service Supported

    ZTE CMA solution supports not only traditional services such as SMS, MMS, VMS, WAP, and USSD, but also the RCS service. RCS can provide a richer experience in multimedia communications services.

    ZTE CMA can attract more users, enhance customer satisfaction and bring more revenue for operators.

    3.    Commercial cases

    By the end of July 2017, ZTE CMA platform has been globally deployed by 50 operators in 40 countries, which including but not limit to tier1 operators like Telefonica, America Móvil, Telenor, Hutchison, SoftBank and so on.

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