ZTE RCS Solution

  • 1      ZTE RCS Overview

    The past decade has not witnessed any revolutionary innovations in the traditional telecom industry. New Internet services including social media and mobile Internet applications, are experiencing explosive development and substituting the telecom service to a great extent, which is a great challenge to telecom operators. Moreover, the 4G network technology boosts further integration of the mobile network and the Internet. In this context, the Rich Communication Suite (RCS), an integrated communication service, has been launched to meet the technical and market demands and end users’ requirements for communications.

    ZTE delivers innovative positioning of RCS: Upgrade of basic communication services, capability openness platform, and entrance of number-based services. ZTE’s RCS vision is to help operators enable a new platform and build a new ecosystem that support access of multiple devices including smart phone, pad, PC, set-top box, and smart sensor. ZTE RCS provides services oriented to consumers, families, and enterprises with combination of Big Video, smart home, NB-IoT, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). RCS allows consumers to communicate everywhere and anytime and realizes cross-terminal interconnection for the family. Besides, RCS brings new enterprise applications and B2B2C business models based on Messaging as a Platform (MaaP).

    Applications based on ZTE RCS Solution

    2      RCS Value and Customer Benefits

        ★ End to End Solution

    ZTE provides an E2E RCS solution including IMS, RCS AS, RCS client, and RCS HUB. ZTE RCS is designed to meet operator’s demands with low-cost and fast TTM services, and ZTE RCS HUB can help operators realize global RCS interconnection.

        ★ Flexible Deployment

    ZTE RCS supports flexible deployment on private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud according to operator’s requirements, which helps the operator save TCO as much as possible and shorten TTM.

        ★ Flexible Business Model

    ZTE RCS supports flexible business models including CAPEX model, leasing model, and revenue share model to achieve win-win with operators.

    3      ZTE RCS Achievements

    As the industry leader and enabler of ecosystem, ZTE firstly deployed the worldwide RCS Hosting solution on public clouds (Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and South America, four Hosting centers), and provides one-stop, low cost, innovative RCS hosting solution for the global telecom operators and MVNO. In May, ZTE won the "Most Ambitious Solution for Rich Communications" award on IMS world forum 2017.

    ZTE’s Four Global RCS Hosting/HUB Centers

    In order to promote the RCS development and interconnection, ZTE deployed RCS Hub services in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and South America to support global RCS interconnection. Meanwhile, ZTE finished the RCS interconnection test with three operators in China, which could accelerate the commercial deployment of RCS. During the exhibition of 2017 MWC in Shanghai, ZTE firstly releases the MaaP based industry solution, and expects to work together with operators, other partners to build RCS ecosystem.

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