ZTE Big Video Solution

  • Overview:
    ZTE Big Video Premium Video Platform is focused on providing simple, flexible and tightly integrated solution. It transforms the way in which people watch video and unlocks video’s value in the OTT era, beyond the traditional watching experience of live TV or on-demand TV.

    1.User-Transparent Solution
    The Premium Video Platform breaks the boundaries of traditional video platform with a unique, single platform approach for optimized delivery of managed and unmanaged content across fixed and mobile networks. You can deliver a unique and personalized TV experience to any user with any end-device, by using any streaming protocol.
    •Fixed/Mobile convergent solution
    •Packaging on the fly all video content to any protocol with Just in Time Packaging
    •Support for Multi-DRM and Common Encryption
    2.Continuous Innovation in the Video Delivery
    ZTE is focused on continuous improvement of the customer experience. With the Premium Video Platform, designed to adapt to the evolution of the video industry, you can provide exclusive visual experience to each customer. The video delivery over OTT is considerably improved by reducing the live latency and by introducing the OTT multicast technology.
    •Leading Multicast-Adaptive Bitrate technology successfully applied to HLS/DASH
    •Extremely Low Live Latency solution for OTT 
    •First 4K Live end-to-end delivery in the industry
    •Live Virtual Reality video
    •Lightweight Streaming Server reaching industry’s highest level of performance
    3.Software Defined & Scalable Architecture
    The cloud infrastructure enables faster response to market changes and more efficient delivery of customer value. By decoupling software from hardware, the Premium Video Platform adapts to the needs of your business in real time. The platform provides an extensive, open API to true integration into wider ecosystems.
    •Software defined architecture
    •Support for NFV/SDN
    •Compatible with both private/public clouds
    •Support for Cloud DVR
    •Integrated with IoT and RCS applications
    4.Customer Centric Development
    The Premium Video Platform enables you to extend existing customer view by collecting and analyzing user behavior data from the platform and to gain a full understanding of your customers – What makes them tick, why they buy, how they prefer to watch, why they switch, what they’ll buy next, and what factors lead them to recommend a content to others. The platform evolves within the changing trends and tastes of the customers to drive new revenue and boost customer loyalty.
    •Collection and analysis of User Behavior
    •Support for User Generated Content
    •Integrated with social network Apps
    •Personalized advertising and recommendation based on User Profile

    Customer Value:
    Using modular open architecture and with cloud deployment support, ZTE Big Video Premium Video Platform can greatly shorten the TTM and reduce the investment of operators. Its user centric design and personalized service based on big data improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. ZTE is committed to helping operators to achieve the transition from basic communications to Internet services, from traffic operation to content and service operation, and promote the healthy and rapid development of video services.

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