Improving Sichuan Telecom Satisfaction by Frontline Network Optimization Experts

  • This network primarily uses optical fibers and is supplemented by mobile communication, satellite, and digital microwave. Its CDMA network is a key strategic market of Sichuan Branch.
  • China Telecom Sichuan Branch is a subsidiary of China Telecom founded in Sichuan province. It provides an all-around, large-capacity, multi-approach, high-speed, secure, and integrated ground-air-space communication transmission network. This network primarily uses optical fibers and is supplemented by mobile communication, satellite, and digital microwave. Its CDMA network is a key strategic market of Sichuan Branch.


    New Comprehensive Analysis Method–Network Subscriber Perception

    As 3G services go deep into ordinary consumers, mobile carriers compete for subscribers in a fiercer manner, which imposes higher requirements[U1]  on O&M quality. Sichuan Branch has installed multiple auxiliary systems to improve its O&M capabilities. However, O&M personnel found themselves overwhelmed by a large amount of data, although they could obtain network operation information from each level (network-level to call-level). The data is distributed in isolated analysis systems, tangled with each other, and complicated in hierarchy. Network optimization personnel must identify the root cause of a problem by clearing out all layered connections.


    Meanwhile, subscribers are more sensitive to network perception and more conscious of rights protection. The most direct result is the increasing number of complaints actively raised by subscribers and the higher requirements on the response speed and quality.

    Therefore, Sichuan Branch urgently requires a comprehensive subscriber management solution. This solution must be able to focus on real subscriber feelings, locate problems encountered by subscribers, analyze subscriber habits, and eventually provide guidance for network operation and maintenance.


    Through massive analysis and comparison, Sichuan Branch selects ZTE UniPOS network subscriber perception solution that can meet its own demands.


    ZTE UniPOS network subscriber perception solution is a high-end solution based on the ZTE UniPOS NetMAX system, concentrating on subscriber perception, and comprehensively making use of CDRs, complaints, and NMS information. The ZTE UniPOS NetMAX system evaluates subscriber perception, shapes subscriber behaviors, records abnormal call events, and locates problems through intelligent data analysis.


    This solution enables Sichuan Branch to focus on subscriber perception, evaluate network quality, and improve complaint handling efficiency through a unified platform. Meanwhile, it enables Sichuan Branch to launch targeted marketing campaigns, improve end-to-end service quality, strengthen its competitiveness, and increase its operation efficiency and revenues based on subscriber behavior analysis.

    Real-Time Analysis and High Complaint Handling Efficiency and Quality


    Traditionally, Sichuan Branch handles subscriber complaints as follows:

    Upon receipt of a network complaint, the customer service department assigns a work order to the O&M department for back-end handling, and meanwhile informs the subscriber that his or her complaint is received. Upon receipt of the work order, the O&M department analyzes and troubleshoots the problem. Finally, the customer service department returns a call to tell the subscriber about the root cause of the problem. The whole process takes more than one day.


    The ZTE UniPOS NetMAX system provides real-time, intelligent, and comprehensive analysis for abnormal events. It can locate a problem within ten minutes after an abnormal event occurs. Nowadays, upon receipt of a subscriber complaint, the customer service department of Sichuan Branch can directly obtain the record of the abnormal event and the probable cause of the problem from the system, and immediately give a reply to the subscriber.


    The new handling process reduces procedural complexity, requires less labors, and greatly improves handling efficiency. From the perspective of subscribers, they get immediate, professional responses from network experts, instead of low-quality, indifferent, soothing, or delayed services. This greatly improves the customer satisfaction of network service quality.


    In accordance with the Sichuan Branch's evaluation on the ZTE UniPOS NetMAX system[U1] , the system can properly handle more than 75% complaints. ZTE UniPOS network subscriber perception solution shortens complaint handling time from 24 hours to 10 minutes after a problem occurs. Meanwhile, the system provides probable causes in three categories with 13 sub-categories, which helps O&M personnel with insufficient experience to handle problems properly.


    Currently, Sichuan Branch improves its complaint handling efficiency by 50 times and also greatly improves its service quality. These improvements enhance subscriber perception and eventually become driving forces for network expansion.


    Customized Solution and Rapid Response to Changes

    At the early stage of the project kickoff, the average number of EVDO CDRs per day was 30 million only in Chengdu Telecom Bureau. After ZTE UniPOS network subscriber perception solution was deployed, the network experienced a high-speed growth rate of 10-million subscribers per month.


    However, Sichuan Branch underestimated its network growth. The hardware capabilities of the existing ZTE UniPOS NetMAX system servers could not meet its load requirements. ZTE deeply understood the customer’s cost cutting requirements. In order to save investment in new servers for Sichuan Branch, ZTE organized an outstanding, professional technical team. According to the special situations in Chengdu Telecom Bureau, they performed in-depth field research and development (R&D). After having undergone several rounds of network optimization, ZTE solved server performance problems caused by subscriber expansion. During this procedure, the number of EVDO CDRs had already become four times that of EVDO CDRs before network optimization.


    With the development of wireless networks, Sichuan Branch deeply understands high service quality standards and requirements, rapidly responds to these demands, and works out excellent solutions. ZTE UniPOS network subscriber perception solution enables each customer service employee of Sichuan Branch to become a network optimization expert for handling customer complaints and greatly improves customer satisfaction. Sichuan Branch and ZTE are working together to cope with network growth peaks and make preparations for sustainable network development in the future.

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