ZSmart Intelligent Charging System

  • ZSmart Intelligent Charging System (iCS) enables operators to realize smart pipeline with rapid and flexible dynamic charging policy.
  • Tariff policy is a secret weapon for operators to achieve their operation targets. Dynamic charging mode combining tariff with policy can not only increase data service revenue, but also can relieve threat on traditional services from OTT service, guiding service usage and consumption and meeting customers' requirements of different levels.


    ZSmart Intelligent Charging System (iCS) enables operators to realize smart pipeline with rapid and flexible dynamic charging policy. It provides user-centered innovative tariff and service system to meet different requirements for customers and improve revenue for operators. The one-key subscription of short-term volume packet and free experience packet can encourage users to experience new services; the combination bundle of multiple services will guide customers' consumption habit; in addition, the real-time promotion of personalized bundles based on dynamic behavior analysis is able to enhance customers' satisfaction.


    Key Features

    • By assessing a number of parameters contextual to the user interaction, the network operator can gauge service, resource QoS, and additional offers provided.
    • Flexible policy decision engine can support event properties (time-of-day, day-of-week, location, download, upload, etc), application properties (Service type, URL, etc), customer properties (user group, age, VIP, subscription, etc), and special properties (Usage accumulation, recharging accumulation, etc).
    • Support multiple time-frame/volume based service pass with priority.
    • Based on the multiple accumulator or behavior change events, CSP can deliver personalized promotions, notifications, etc.
    • Plan, design, execute and measure personalized marketing campaign; manage all types of large-scale, multi-wave and cross-channel campaigns;
    • User is able to easily execute self-service, self-provisioning, and control, for e.g. the flexibility to activate services at users’ own convenience and initiative and control their costs.
    • Incorporate third Parties into charging models, for e.g. the use of service passes, such as a one-week VoIP pass or a one-hour YouTube or other application-specific pass.


    • Advanced Qos Control can optimize and make better use of operator’s resources, ensure network resources for high priority services and VIP, enhance user experience.
    • Flexible charging control and real-time charging trigger for prepaid/postpaid can minimize revenue loss and leakage.
    • Personalized promotion can improve marketing effects and save costs.
    • The billing capabilities for third party applications helps operator to master value chain.

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