Elastic Network

Telecom Cloud

ZTE ElasticNet telecom cloud solution is based on SDN/NFV technology and 5G-oriented open network architecture, which provides Cloud Works,Cloud Service, Cloud Platform, Cloud Management etc end-to-end telecom cloud solutions. ZTE Telecom Cloud realizes SW&HW decoupling, automatic deployment and operation, customized network on demand and Open programmable API, to help operators’ transformation.


Cloud Management

ZTE vManager cloud management platform provides management and orchestration function for NFV network, with four characteristics of easy integration, deployment, orchestration, operation and maintenance, simplifies operation and maintenance, reduces operation and maintenance costs.

Cloud Infrastructure

ZTE Cloud Infrastructure, provides VIM and NFVI functions of the ETSI NFV architecture, meets the requirement of deploying carrier-class high-reliability public, private and hybrid clouds for operators.

Cloud Works

ZTE Cloud Works helps to build carrier-class service crowd innovation platform for operators, realizes network on demand, experience on demand and service on demand, by means of componentization and network slice, builds network infrastructure with low costs quickly; meanwhile, NFV application hosting, highly-efficient Dev environment and Ops optimization abilities help operators to build open ecosystem, attract lots of developers and realize individualized service innovations with low costs.

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