Network slice management

  • In 5G era, mobile network service objects are not only mobiles, but varied equipments like mobile phones, pad, fixed sensor, vehicles. Operators need to provide the fast online capability of service that can satisfy different demands in mobility, charging, security, policy control, delay, reliability, etc.
  • At the same time, carriers shall avoid the investment risk of new business at the market cultivation stage. Traditional idea and mode cannot meet these requirements, so the network slice is considered as ideal network architecture in 5G times.
    Carriers can split several E2E logical networks to adapt different service demands on the unified infrastructures utilizing the network slice technology. The network slice supports dynamic deletion once it has no value of investment, which reduces the venture cost for customers efficiently.
    ZTE Carrier DevOps network slice management solution introduces DevOps concepts that provide close-loop development, design, test, deployment, monitor and dynamic optimization, as well as integration of design domain and O&M domain. ZTE Carrier DevOps network slice management solution supports design Wizard, minute-level deployment, second-level scaling, and E2E slice lifecycle management view. Based on intelligent policy center, the decision optimization of close-loop intelligent policy and automatic O&M hosting can be realized by AI technology. ZTE Carrier DevOps helps carriers implement network slice lifecycle management and be ready for 5G time.

    Customer Value
    ●Agile slice design: drug-and-drop slice design mode and complete tools chain, fast slice deployment
    ●Automatic slice deployment: hierarchical orchestration architecture and intelligent perceptions, slice real-time, automatic deployment and offline, fast service respond
    ●Intelligent slice assurance: slice real-time monitor and slice automatic O&M based on auto close-loop assurance mechanism.

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