Cloud Application

Cloud EPC

EPC solution is based on NFV/SDN technology and adopts Cloud Native principle. ZTE EPC solution promotes the innovation of service and network architecture transformation. It can evolve to 5G basic architecture smoothly.


Cloud EPC Solution

ZTE's Cloud EPC solution is based on NFV / SDN technology to enable software and hardware decoupling and virtualization of upper layer applications, supporting multiple access methods such as 2/3 / 4G / NB-IoT and non-3GPP, and facilitating smooth evolution to 5G core network.

NFV Reference Design For A Containerized vEPC Application

June 2017, Intel and ZTE partnered with CMCC (China Mobile Communications Corporation) to develop a bare metal reference design that lays the foundation for CMCC to offer efficient, easily deployable containerized services and fast evolution of their cloud infrastructure. Intel and ZTE are planning to expand the solution to utilize both the bare metal container as well as the containers in VMs reference designs, leading to a true unified infrastructure that can support multiple clouds.

CUPS Solution

In the existing network, the gateway (GW) is deployed in a centralized manner, media plane data is usually transmitted a long distance and forwarding delay is large, so user experience is not good. In response to this problem, ZTE proposed a C / U separation (CUPS) solution.

NB-IoT Core Network Solution

ZTE NB-IoT core network solution conforms to the development of Internet of things, based on NFV / SDN technology, build carrier grade, elastic and cloudified NB-IoT core network.

SSC Solution

In mobile network, a variety of value-added services appear one after another, but the new service deployment cycle is long and complex.

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