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Transport Network


Software-Defined Optical Network (SDON) White Paper

Providing more intelligent, virtualized and cloud-based services with SDON technology

ElasticNet SDON solution

With more and more DCs created, there are requirements of unified resource scheduling across DCs,so the interconnection of among DCs becomes an important issue.

ZTE Any to Any MPLS Solution

ZTE Corporation is committed in providing satisfactory and customized microwave radio system products as well as services for customers.

ElasticNet VDC solution

With the driving of the development of NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and continuous converging of IT application, data center will become a part of the network, realizing the unified scheduling and deployment of those ‘cloud’ and ‘network’ resources.

Building an Integrated All-Service IP Bearer Network

ZTE iCAN all-service IP bearer network solution pays more attention to the key factors in all-service operation: more bandwidth, more service access, higher packet bearer efficiency, flexible service deployment, precise resource scheduling, differentiated SLA, lower TCO.

ZTE 3G Bearer Network Solution

The 3G bearer network can be categorized into domestic networks and IP core networks. The domestic network usually is a dedicated network and consists of layer-2 and layer-3 switches and/or low-end routers as major equipment.

PTN and OTN Networking Solution

ZTE PTN+ OTN has already been applied successfully in some world-known carriers such as China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and Telefonica.

BMSG Hot Standby Solution

In comprehensive service bearer network, ZTE BMSG (Broadband Multi- Service Gateway) carries residential services such as HIS, VoIP, and IPTV, and business services such as IP private line and L2/L3 VPN as service control point equipment.

5G-oriented Optical Transport Network Solution

The solution achieves continuous technical optimisation and innovation and facilitates ultrafast 5G service deployment.

Green Solutions for Lower TCO------Integrated Nodal Solution

The Green Era is to come with the rising of the energy-saving concept in the Telecom industry. The Green Network aims at reducing the consumption of resources, cutting down the prices and minimizing the environmental pollution, and finally bringing benefits to users.

Hybrid and Native Microwave Backhaul Solution

Hybrid & Native technologies provide a unique transmission evolution solution. It can enhance the transmission efficiency & support all-IP network evolution with no complicated traffic mapping.

Microwave Clock Synchronization Solution

Microwave, as the access equipment between wireless devices and transmission equipments, should provide different synchronization methods for varied services during the network design and usage. Currently, the major methods of clock synchronization supported by microwave are GPS, BITS, 1588v2, Sync. E, and TDM synchronization. The mentioned methods can meet the requirements of clock synchronization and transmission of wireless devices and transmission equipments. In order to deepen the understanding of clock synchronization, several commonly synchronization methods are briefly introduced in this section.

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