Cloud Infrastructure Solution

  • As a cloud infrastructure solution of CT/IT integration, ZTE cloud platform can build a cloud data center rapidly for customers with the technologies of virtualization, container, SDN, distributed storage technologies and automatic deployment tools, achieving global resource scheduling, elastic capacity scalability , flexible network control and carrier-grade quality. By providing bottom support for all kinds of application scenarios, ZTE cloud platform solution can meet the CT/IT users’ needs of real-time, on-demand and automation.
  • After conducting 360°inspection on the security threat of cloud system, ZTE defines an unified security framework and introduces a series of security mechanism covering physical security, infrastructure security, application security, management security and common security.
    ZTE cloud platform provides global unified maintenance and service oriented intelligent operation, making customer's resource management more efficient, more convenient to maintain and their networks more flexible, to help customer easily manage the coming more complicated network architecture and get the leading position in the fierce competition.

    ZTE cloud platform solution has following highlighted features:
    ●Open and Compatible: based on open architecture of OpenStack; widely compatible with 3rd party vendors’ hardware and software and win-win cooperation to build sustainable industry ecosystem.
    ●Carrier-grade Quality: system reliability > 99.999%; industry-leading performance.
    ●Efficient Management: unified management of the entire network resources (Cross-DC, heterogeneous resource pools, hybrid cloud).
    ●Intelligent O&M: unified visual management of overall resources, automatic deployment, intelligent health monitoring and proactive optimization
    ●Cloud and network coordination: leading SDN architecture, IP + Optical, on-demand network

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