Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Platform

ZTE Cloud Platform provides virtualized management upon computing, storage, and network resources, builds a cloud environment for users rapidly, and provides policy-based IaaS service and application deployment functions in the heterogeneous cloud environment of multiple data centers.


Cloud Platform Solution

The ZTE Cloud Platform solution uses the virtualization technology to implement cloud management on computing, storage, and network resources, builds the cloud environment fast and supports the deployment of policy-based IaaS services and applications in a multi-DC heterogeneous environment.

Unified Cloud Management Solution

The Unified Cloud Management solution, TECS Director, provides centralized management, which can be divided into self-service platform and O&M (operation and maintenance) platform according to different users.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution

ZTE Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions focus on high availability of the data center, ensuring business data and services’ online performance. When the data center encounters natural disasters or man-made damage, it can still provide data and services, ensuring the function of the data center and the continuity of the business.

Cloud Security Solution

Compared with the traditional data center (DC), the cloud data center faces new vulnerabilities and new attacks because of resource sharing, migration of virtual machines at any time, applications being freely changed by the tenants.

Automated Deployment Solution

Daisy is ZTE's automated deployment tool for virtualization scenarios. The deployment of SDN/NFV scenarios is quite complex.

Distributed Storage Solution

As the business-supporting infrastructure, data centers need a more agile architecture to provide on-demand, real-time, flexible and automated delivery capabilities, so as to quickly respond to the new business requirements.

Public Cloud Solution

ZTE's public cloud solution provides customers with a carrier-grade cloud resource management center and unified B2B public cloud service platform, including cloud management, cloud operation and cloud services. The solution will help for the rapid development of enterprises, and effectively reducing the investment costs.

SDN Network Solution

ZTE virtualization data center solution adopts the SDN technology and brand-new network system architecture known for user plane and control plane separation (U/C separation), centralized control and management, remarkable openness and superior programmability to build data center networks.

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