ElasticNet OES Technical White Paper

  • As the mobile Internet era approaches, telecom operators face huge challenges in how to reduce costs, improve network resource utilization, enhance the convenience of network operation and maintenance (O&M), accelerate service launch, and fulfill differentiated services. Meanwhile, the cloud operation based on emerging technologies of NFV/SDN/cloud computing differs from the legacy telecom operation. As a result, the legacy operating system of telecom network requires transformation.
  • ZTE pays high attention to ICT convergence and telecom operation transformation towards cloudification and actively participates in standard specification development and open source technology research. Based on a deep understanding of telecommunications and years of experience, ZTE releases a total cloud operation transformation solution - ElasticNet Openness Enabling System (OES), which takes orchestration as the core engine, accelerates service innovation with the agile model of DevOps, and reduces OPEX with intelligent and automatic O&M, and accelerates the transformation towards cloud operations from three major areas (service fulfillment, service assurance and service capability), effectively building an operating system blueprint oriented at the future whole network convergent management.
    ZTE believes the next-generation operating system of operators shall not be a simple operating or maintain backend system nor a direct cloudification of the traditional OSS. Instead, it should be an OSS built at the core of “agile, intelligent, and open”, to achieve DIY Service On-Demand.
    To learn more about high-efficiency operation of the cloudification network, please download ‘ZTE ElasticNet OES Technical White Paper’.

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