SDN/NFV ElasticNet White Paper

  • The strategies of Industry 4.0 and Internet+ are driving the massive upgrading of traditional industries, assisted by innovative internet technologies, to become more intelligent and scale customized. This kind of upgrading requires massive data to be collected and centralized to the cloud, and bring the whole society to the ”era of cloud”.
  • In the era of cloud, it is necessary for the network resources to be allocated dynamically thus dramatically increasing the resource efficiency. The traditional telecom network is required to deal with more complicated and differentiated scenarios, to break through the vertically-divided rigid system and the ever-locked network elements.

    Correspondingly, the technologies of cloud computing and SDN/NFV have emerged to provide technical drivers to the transformation of telecommunication networks. Integrating these advanced technologies, ZTE proposed the ElasticNet 2020 architecture for the network evolution which is concluded as: 

    One Center: The re-architecture of networks will be cloud virtualized datacenter (vDC)-centric. And the cloud will dominate the new network fundamental infrastructures. 
    Dual Engines: SDN and NFV are the two technologies facilitating each other. SDN separates control plane from forwarding plane and enable capability exposure based on a centralized control, while NFV decouples software function from hardware and virtualizes the network function, redefining the cloud based architecture for telecom.
    Triple-layer Re-architectures
    The re-architecture of the network driven by Cloud Computing and SDN/NFV can be illustrated in three layers:
    The Network re-architecture: to build up the “cloud-network converged” infrastructure layer.
    The Service re-architecture: to construct the “virtualized and open” service function layer.
    The Operation re-architecture: to compose the “smartly operated” orchestration layer.

    To activate the future of ElasticNet, please download ‘ZTE SDN/NFV ElasticNet White Paper V3.0’.
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