Elastic Network

By integrating cloud and network pipes, the smart, flexible, centralized, and open new-generation telecommunications networks help operators with business transformation.

SDN/NFV has brought profound changes to the development of telecommunications networks. ZTE provides elastic network solutions that integrate SDN/NFV and new-generation broadband technologies for aggregation networks, MANs, and backbone networks, making these networks fast, flat, smart, and virtualized, optimizing content bearer, and providing a more flexible service orchestration.


SDN/NFV ElasticNet White Paper

The strategies of Industry 4.0 and Internet+ are driving the massive upgrading of traditional industries, assisted by innovative internet technologies, to become more intelligent and scale customized. This kind of upgrading requires massive data to be collected and centralized to the cloud, and bring the whole society to the ”era of cloud”. In the era of cloud, it is necessary for the network resources to be allocated dynamically thus dramatically increasing the resource efficiency. The traditional telecom network is required to deal with more complicated and differentiated scenarios, to break through the vertically-divided rigid system and the ever-locked network elements.

Cloud RAN

The 5G presents new challenges on RAN, such as processing performance, coordination capability, and service deployment. The RAN network is then required to keep evolving its architecture for future diverse demands when developing from 4G to 5G; meanwhile, the development of Cloud technology and big data technology, as well as the virtualization technology’s mature application in core network lay the solid foundation for RAN architecture evolvement.

Architecture Evolution

ZTE's ElasticNet future network solution, driven by 5G and ultra wide-band technology,  powered by SDN and NFV,  cloud computing, big data and openness concept, implement a hierarchical centralized control, unified management, software-defined and flexible future network.

Telecom Cloud

ZTE ElasticNet telecom cloud solution is based on SDN/NFV technology and 5G-oriented open network architecture, which provides Cloud Works,Cloud Service, Cloud Platform, Cloud Management etc end-to-end telecom cloud solutions. ZTE Telecom Cloud realizes SW&HW decoupling, automatic deployment and operation, customized network on demand and Open programmable API, to help operators’ transformation.

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